Monday, March 30, 2015

Swiss Format and #MatchupMonday

I was skeptical. Too set in my ways. Not ready for change. I liked pools. Pools could have served World Cup 8 well. Why fix an unbroken system? Indeed, I was ready to ruin all the fun of #MatchupMonday with a scathing anti-Swiss format article.

However, like gingerbread and candy canes evoke anticipation of Christmas, Martin Pyne’s colorful mosaic of teams signals the coming of World Cup, the highlight of my year. As each matchup was announced, my rusty quidditch analysis brain delved into details and raced to conclusions. I dreamed up intriguing late round matchups, zeroed in on potential Cinderellas and imagined the intensity of fighting for a spot in bracket play. Almost immediately, I abandoned my reluctance to accept the new Swiss system. Why waste time lamenting the old when you could be enjoying the new? Live in the moment. Find the good in everything. Enter each new experience with an open mind. 

Unexpectedly, I’m excited for the Swiss system. I’m excited for World Cup 8. However, if the Swiss system clearly endangers players or damages the overall quality of gameplay, I will definitely notice and make my opinion heard. But right now? With 12 days until World Cup 8? I can’t wait for my fifth year of surprising twists and turns of quidditch!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Join the Quidditch Media Coalition

Does the quidditch community seem relatively quiet to you? Isn’t there something really huge going on?

World Cup 8 is approaching quickly, with the promise of an innovative format, thrilling competition, riveting underdogs and a new champion. From the final practices and preparations of contending squads to the scouting reports and schemes of the championship favorites, the last month before World Cup can make or break a team. Once the quidditch community descends on Rock Hill, a season of dramatic storylines will conclude. Underrated players will step into the spotlight and x-factor performers will suffer untimely injuries. Regions will exceed expectations and regions will choke. The current rankings will implode as triumphant wins and stunning losses alter perceptions. Strategies will be unveiled, perfected and screwed-up. Intense emotion will be on full display. Lifelong memories will be made.

And the Quidditch Media Coalition wants you to capture the magic of World Cup 8!

On Monday, March 9th, a historic agreement between The Eighth Man, the Quidditch Post and US Quidditch was announced, forming the Quidditch Media Coalition. Inviting all unaffiliated quidditch journalists, the Quidditch Media Coalition proclaimed a unified journalistic approach to World Cup 8, aiming to produce the best and most extensive coverage ever.

I was selected to lead to the Quidditch Media Coalition and promised to recruit an unrivaled staff of quidditch journalists. Because of my background, I'm heading the effort to recruit writers!

Why should I join the Quidditch Media Coalition?
  1. determine how the quidditch community remembers World Cup 8
  2. give back to the sport of quidditch by spreading its reach on the sport's most important weekend
  3. participate in a fun community of writers
  4. legitimize quidditch by mimicking the coverage of ESPN
  5. get your writing retweeted to thousands and thousands of followers by universities and news outlets
What will I be writing?
Short game recaps that can include summarizing game trends, commenting on standout players, detailing strategy, capturing emotion, listing basic statistics and gathering quotes. Each writer is encouraged to implement his or her own stylistic preferences and journalistic interests.