Monday, October 31, 2011

Northern Arizona whoops #3 Arizona State

Arizona State's #3 in the world ranking, has long been doubted by Quidditch followers, considering Arizona State has never played in a world cup. The ranking was proven innacurate when Northern Arizona University beat ASU 2/3 times in the Summit Series, a tournament that NAU hosted. (the tournament also featured Mesa Community College, longtime members of the IQA)
Here are the scores,
NAU 110 ASU 10
NAU 10 ASU 40
NAU 50 ASU 20

The rankings should be updated soon. It is expected that Emerson College, which has two wins over Brandeis College this year, will move into third.

Syracuse hosts Ives Pond, SUNY Cortland

This weekend, Syracuse Quidditch, which is struggling to raise enough money to attend the world cup, hosted 11th ranked Ives Pond and SUNY Cortland, which is in their first year.
Ives Pond beat Syracuse and Syracuse beat SUNY Cortland in a series of games.

It would be a shame if Syracuse couldn't attend World Cup V, they are a team that not only has talent, but history. The 'Cuse played in World Cups 3 & 4.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

RUMOR- Did #3 Arizona State Lose?

There is a rumor going around the Quidditch world that Arizona St, ranked #3 in the IQA rankings, lost to The Northern Arizona University Narwals during the Summit Showdown yesterday. I am guessing that ASU brought a few teams and one of them lost, therefore the ASU official team is still undefeated.
Remember, the Middlebury Classic featured 8 teams from Middlebury. When the intramural teams competed against other colleges, they had a combined record of 8-6, but those 6 loses do not effect the rankings because those losses were not recorded by the official Middlebury team.

Maybe though, the ASU Sun Devils have been dethroned of their #3 spot in the rankings by a virtually unknown team.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Canadian Quidditch Cup

The inaugural Canadian Quidditch tournament took place today. (the 29th) McGill dominated with a 6-0 record and Winning by an average margin of about 90 points. Carleton came in second, losing by 80 points to McGill in the final, even though they were playing as the home team.
Here are the standings.
1. McGill, previously ranked #21
2. Carleton
3. Ottawa
4. St. Lawrence, why is an American team playing in the Canadian Cup?
5. Queens
6. McMaster, I expected them to do better given their record of 3-1 this year
7. Ryerson, a World Cup team from 2010 that underperformed
8. Toronto, another World Cup team from 2010 that underperformed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Colorado Quidditch Tournament Heads State "Championships"

Here are some state tournaments that have happened over the past few weeks or that will be taking place this weekend.

In a tournament that three Colorado teams competed at, (hosts Northern Colorado, Colorado State, and the Denver Dementors, a community team), the Utah Crimson Fliers, ranked #26 in the IQA rankings, came out victorious.

UMASS hosted Emerson, Boston University and Westfield State in a tournament that Boston won, beating Emerson in the finals. BU and Emerson were neck and neck, while hosts UMASS used this tournament as preparation for the World Cup.

The University of Virginia will host James Madison and Turtle Cup Champions, Virginia Tech on October 30th. Our experts here at the IQA blog, (me), predict a decisive Virginia Tech victory and a close battle for second between JMU and Virginia.

Northern Arizona will host Arizona State and Mesa Community College in Arizona's first intercollegiate tournament. On October 29th, I expect ASU will show why they are #3 in the World Rankings

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Community Quidditch League

While I was at the Philly BroLove Cup, (which was attended by three community teams, Delaware Valley Dragons, New York Badassilisks, and Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space) I came up with the idea of having a community team league. The IQA could help to set up teams in every major city in the Northeast (to start) so that when college players graduate, if they live in a major city, they can still play Quidditch.
Right now the community teams I mentioned above are all evenly matched according to what I saw at the BroLove Cup. If the league were created today it might look like this.
New York Badassilisks (New York City)
Delaware Valley Dragons (Philadelphia)
Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs (Space)
Expansion Possibilities :)
New England Nargles (Boston)
Washington Wizengamot (Washington DC)
Buffalo Blast Ended Skrewts (Buffalo)

Florida Quidditch Conference Week 2&3

After weeks 2&3 of Florida Quidditch Conference play, it seems like South Florida is the conference's best team, with a dominating record of 6-0, winning by an average margin of about 60 points. Miami is in second with a record of 4-2, Florida in third with a record of 2-3, and Ringling in last with a record of 0-7.
The final week of play takes place October 29th at South Florida with every team except Ringling in contention for the title. By the final week of the season, each team should have played 10 games.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Opinions and a Report of the BroLove Cup

The Philly BroLove Cup which took place on Oct. 15th at Chestnut Hill College. Since the town of Chestnut Hill was holding a Harry Potter weekend festival, hundreds of Harry Potter fanatics dropped by in full wizard costumes. It was also great to see many kids. Kids ten and under had fun chasing/finding the snitch, muggle quidditch's best feature.

One problem was that Chestnut Hill had four teams. I feel like the fans would have preferred to see their hometown team face off against the other colleges rather than themselves.

The elimination games were low scoring. Villanova allowed their opponents only 10 quaffle points but lost and in a very quick and badly snitched game, Maryland allowed 0 quaffle points to the Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space but lost on a quick snitch snatch.

The final between Penn St and Chestnut Hill was a bad blooded showdown between two of Pennsylvania's best teams. The players were warned by commissioner, Alex Benepe before the game about roughness, but the game still had vicious tackles and hard checks. Also, because of the low scoring matches, a 5 minute Seeker Floor was used for the first time. (the IQA has been debating whether to use this rule in future rulebooks) The Seeker Floor, in which the snitch gets a 5 minute head start, worked very well with a final score having 150 points total.
Although Chestnut Hill was the home team, most of the people watching were rooting for Penn St. The fans didn't like how rough Chestnut Hill was and after a nasty tackle by a Chestnut Hill player, the Penn St bench started cheering "Penn St, Penn St" and a majority of the fans joined in.
Since his team was losing 110 to 10, the Penn St seeker decided to pull a Victor Krum and snatch the snitch. Chestnut Hill won 110 to 40

Other Notes
The Delaware Valley Dragons Community team have fantastic hair
The Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space might have been going under the name of Jetpack Ninja Dutchmen from Space.
Along with 4 Chestnut Hill teams, 11 other teams competed for the title. 2 high school teams with mostly freshman also played

Brotherly Love Cup

On October 15th I personally attended the Philadelphia Brotherly Love Cup. The elimination bracket looked like this.
Stony Brook 70
Vassar 10
Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space 30
Maryland 20

Villanova 30
Penn St 40
Stony Brook 20
Chestnut Hill 50 (received first round bye)
JND from Space 0
Penn St 40

Chestnut Hill 110
Penn St 40 (snitch)