Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Quidditch Season Takes Off

The first tournament of the 2012 Quidditch Season happened today in New York City, site of the past two World Cups. An exciting tournament set the stage for what is to be a fantastic year. This year will feature mandatory games and regional attendance, the first Collegiate Cup, and the first World Cup outside of the Northeast. And, perhaps the first World Champion not named Middlebury. Loaded tournaments of teams trying to play their mandatory 5 games are on the schedule every weekend throughout the Fall. Just next week, we have the Sirius Blacksburgh Brawl at Virginia Tech and the Kite and Key Cup at Franklin and Marshall. In the following weeks we can look forward to the Cowboy Cup, the Lumberjack Invitational, the Turtle Cup, the Kansas Cup and the Brothery Love Cup which I will be attending. Then the Northeast, Mid Atlantic and Midwest Regionals, which have produced so much excitement in recent years, will round out the fall. (Not to even mention West by Southwest) The Western, Southwestern and Southern Regionals will take place in the Spring along with Quidditch World Cup 6 from Kissimee, Florida.
But, the season is young right now and  no team is out of contention for the World Cup. Its impossible to pick a favorite (although I think it's Texas) and only one relevant Tournament has happened so far. That was the NYC Zombie/Inferi Quidditch Tournament hosted by the Northeast's oldest community team, the New York Badassilisks. Badassilisk Fans were worried when after pool play New York was 0-2, but they remained faithful and the New York Badassilisks went on to win the NYCZIQT. Other favorites were Hofstra, who was 2-0 after pool play and Vassar who was 1-1. In the end the Badassilisks defeated Vassar in the championship. Here are the Final Results.

1st: Badassilisks
2nd: Vassar
3rd: Hofstra
4th: Macaulay

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