Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Announcing Video/Game Film Contest

Photo by Michael E. Mason/IQA Staff
Hey Everyone!
So I have yet another one of my famous ideas. Like many other members of the quidditch community, I really want to see a ton of game film from this spring season--not only at Diamond Cup and SW Regionals, but also at tournaments like the Beantown Brawl, South Regionals and any other big tournaments this spring leading up to World Cup. My idea is basically that I really want to reward teams that post a lot of video by making indiegogo donations and I want to encourage you guys to donate to specific deserving teams too.

The way that I'm going to decide which teams to donate money to is through a competition of sorts for teams to post relevant games as quickly as possible. I will be keeping a running tally for people who post video and how many points to award them. The first complete game posted featuring anyone of these matchups will receive...

5pts: Top 15 in the Coaches Poll vs. Top 15 in the Coaches Poll
4pts: Top 15 in the Coaches Poll vs. Ranked in Regional Poll
3pts: Ranked in Regional Poll vs. Ranked in Regional Poll
2pts: Top 15 in the Coaches Poll vs. World Cup VII qualifiers (or VI qualifiers until qualifiers are determined in the SW and S)
1pts: World Cup VII qualifier vs. World Cup VII qualifier

In addition, I will announce a weekly bonus game for 7-10pts before each weekend. It is important to note that the game will only receive points if it is the first complete game that has been posted. There is a thread in IQA forums where bonuses will be announced and submissions will be posted. When submitting, videographers should make it clear which team they want the points to go to. I will regularly update the standings in that thread.

Submissions should look like...
Texas A&M vs. Lost Boys QC
Points go to Lost Boys QC

I'm hoping for a few things. 1) That the overall volume of game film on YouTube increases 2) That games are posted more quickly 3) That this competition encourages teams to not delete all the video of them when WC pools are announced because that sucks. 4) That I can help out some teams--who have helped me with my analysis and done good for the community--get to Myrtle Beach.

So, whip out those video cameras. Record games of your rivals, your own team...I don't care. Just get more video out there! 

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