Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Complete Quiyk Draft Rankings

8. TEAM D’AMICO (-2)
C, Vanessa Goh, The Lost Boys
B, Peter Lee, The Lost Boys
K, Zach Luce, UCLA
C, Michael Powell, BU
C, Audrey Wright, UT
B/(C) Mathieu Gregoire, Texas A&M/Lone Star QC
B, Shannon Moorhead, UMiami
C, Kenny Chilton, UT
K, Jacob Heppe, Michigan State
C, Jayke Archibald, QC Boston

Wait, wasn't Jack supposed to share ALL the GM's picks? The only new one I see here is D'Amico's QC Boston teammate Jayke Archibald. 

After a great performance at West Fantasy, Archibald's "stock" is rising dramatically, but D'Amico stopped picking after his tenth-round selection. Unfortunately for Team D'Amico, a severe lack of depth does matter even in fake fantasy drafts. Team D'Amico falls two spots, past Team Wilson and Team Bell, into the cellar.

7. TEAM BELL (+1)
B, Brittany Ripperger, Baylor
K, Brendan Stack, BU
B, Chris Rhodes, Baylor
C/S, Aryan Ghoddossy, UT
C/S, Jeffrey Lin, The Lost Boys
B, Andy Abayan, SB Blacktips
C, Nichole Galle, Lone Star QC
C, Bernardo Berges, UMiami
C, Sam Adlis, Texas A&M
C, Ethan Kapke, Arizona State
C, Erin Mallory, Maryland
C, Sam Roitblat, BGSU
C, Eric Wasser, Michigan
U, Alyssa Burton, Lost Boys
U, David Demarest, USC
B, Melissa Staup, Ball State

Team Bell started in last place and will only move up to seventh, but that is not to say that Bell didn't make some great picks in the later rounds. Arizona State ankle-breaker Ethan Kapke adds terrific speed to Team Bell's lineup, while Eric Wasser and David Demarest bring some much-needed physicality. After drafting Brittany Ripperger fourth overall, Bell continued to show his attention towards female players by taking several of the best female players in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and West. Finally, BGSU seeker Sam Roitblat proved once again that he is one of the nation's best seekers at Global Games, but after sixteen rounds, Team Bell still lacks an elite ball carrier and an elite beater. 

C, Sarah Holub, Lone Star QC
B, David Gilbert, Baylor
K, David Fox, Emerson
C, P. Reynebeau, Arkansas
C, J. Reynebeau, Arkansas
K, Jacob Bruner, Baylor
C/S, Adam Robillard, Gee-Gees
B, Ryan Peavler, Tx St
C/B, Amanda Turtles, Lost Boys
U, Eric Reyes, Tx St
U, Porter Marsh, NAU
C, Beissy Sandoval, Baylor
C, Tyrell Williams, Tx St
B, Erin McCrady, Gee-Gees
C/K, Josh Ebbesmeyer, Missouri
K, James Hyder, Perth

In four picks, the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth selections, Alex Wilson won my respect back. With Eric Reyes and Tyrell Williams, Team Wilson has a pair of dynamic, physical chasers with a drive-first mentality. Reyes, who redeemed himself on Team USA after a mediocre performance in the World Cup VII finals, is known as one of the most unstoppable forces in the Southwest. Williams was probably the most surprising edition to my World Cup VII All-Tournament Team, but I assure you, his selection was well deserved. Snagging Porter Marsh in the eleventh round while other elite seekers went many rounds earlier was also quite an accomplishment. Beissy Sandoval and Erin McCrady are ok additions, but Team Wilson is still lacking an elite distributor. Players like David Fox, Adam Robillard, Reyes, Williams and even keeper Jacob Bruner are known for their thundering drives, not skillful passing. Ultimately, Wilson's lack of a passer and underwhelming selections of Josh Ebbesmeyer and James Hyder, who was like the tenth best player for the silver-medalist Drop Bears, will keep Team Wilson out of medal contention.

5. TEAM DALLAS: (+/-)
K, Tony Rodriguez, The Lost Boys
B/C, Max Havlin, BU
B/C, Katrina Bossotti, BU
C, Becca DuPont, Texas A&M
S/U, Steve DiCarlo, The Lost Boys
C/K/S, Michael Parada, NYDC
U, Steve Hysick, NYDC
B, Sean Fry, Texas A&M
K/C, Tyler Sessions, Texas A&M
C, Devin Sandon, Rochester
C, Bryan Barrows, Maryland
B, Freddy Salinas, Texas
C, Julia Fillman, Villanova
B, Julie Fritz, Ohio State
C, Pablo Calderon-Santiago, Emerson
C/K, Hugh Podmore, Valhalla

Amanda Dallas continued her stretch of good but not game-changing selections in the later rounds of the Quiyk Draft, leaving Team Dallas in the middle of the table. In North Myrtle Beach, Bryan Barrows delivered an incredibly promising performance, filling in for Maryland's two biggest playmakers, Harry Greenhouse and Matt Angelico. Despite having a roller coaster of a season, Freddy Salinas played his A game at the World Cup, proving to be essential piece for the Longhorns. I also liked Dallas' picks of Julia Fillman and Julie Fritz, who appeared on my World Cup VII All-Tournament. I thought long and hard about flipping Team Dallas and Team Dugie, but in the end, Team Dallas' relative lack of hard-hitting power players and elite tacklers doomed it to fifth place behind Dugie's team.

4. TEAM DUGIE (+/-)
C/U, Simon Arends, Lone Star QC
C/U, Chris Morris, Lone Star QC
K/U, Daniel Daugherty, BGSU
K/U, August Lührs, USC
S/U, Keir Rudolph, Kansas
B, Scott Axel, PSU
B, Kyrie Timbrook, Skrewts
C, Meredith Taylor, BGSU
C, Joe Wright, Texas A&M
C, Devon McCoy, Ball State
B, Beth Clementi, Tx St
C, Dre Clements, Florida
U, Jason Winn, LSU
B, Christian Dowdle, UT
C, Sam Medney, Maryland
B, Tad Walters, Loyola

In the later rounds of the Quiyk Draft, Hank Dugie continued to be all over the place. Beth Clementi is great snag for Team Dugie, as is clutch LSU beater/seeker Jason Winn. Clementi and Winn would form a fearsome beater pair, capable of occupying and dominating even the most organized beating duos. With Texas' Christian Dowdle, Penn State field general Scott Axel and Team USA's Kyrie Timbrook available as substitutes, Team Dugie has a deceptively strong beating corps. Although Dugie may have reached slightly to get them, Devon McCoy and Dre Clements have proven themselves to be strong players for their school teams and fantasy teams. A fourth-place finish will surely be disappointing for Dugie, but even more disappointing is the fact that the world will never get to read the confident GM's blurb about his prized sixteenth-round pick, Tad Walters.

2. TEAM NATERA (+/-)
K, Stephen Bell, Lone Star QC
B, Mollie Lensing, Lone Star QC
B, Hope Machala, Lone Star QC
U, Sean Pagoada, FF
C/S, Kedzie Teller, QC Boston
C, Keri Callegari, Lone Star QC
C, Hai Nguyen, Kansas
K, Connor Drake, LSQC
S, Andrew Hryekewicz, Texas A&M
C, Kaci Erwin, UT
C, Sean Snipes, Florida's Finest
B, Eric Wilroth, Lone Star QC
C/K, Ryan Davis, UT
C, Tye Rush, Riverside
C, Chris Scholtz, Lone Star QC
C, Chisa Tko-Br Egbelu, Rutgers

2. TEAM CANTO (-1)
K, Augustine Monroe, UT
C, Kody Marshall, Lone Star QC
C, Adam Richardson, UCLA
C/S, Harry Greenhouse, UMD
C/B, Melissa White, LSU
C, Sean Beloff, UMiami
B, Ashley Calhoun, Central Michigan
K/C, Ren Bettendorf, SB Blacktips
B, Alex Leitch, Hofstra University
C, Trent Miller, Baylor
C, Dylan Greenleaf, Baylor
B, Rosemary Ross, Texas A&M
B, Willis Miles, Skrewts
C, Lauren McGarrah, Tx St
C, Alex Makk, Skrewts
K, David Prueter, Central Michigan

Prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I wouldn't have felt comfortable declaring a tie between Team Canto and Team Natera, but now that the United States has embraced the world's game, I hope my readers won't mind that Canto and Natera will have to share the silver. At the top, Stephen Bell versus Augustine Monroe, Kedzie Teller versus Kody Marshall and Mollie Lensing versus Melissa White are all complete toss-ups for me. Team Canto may have a slightly stronger male chasing corps with steals of World Cup VII All-Tournament Teamers Ren Bettendorf and Alex Makk, but Natera assembled a world-class crew of female players and found good value in the later rounds. For instance, Chris Scholtz and Eric Wilroth improved steadily throughout the year, culminating in a solid World Cup performance and Tye Rush has added a West Fantasy title to his Snow Cup victory from January. On Team Canto's side, the influence of Kevin Oelze is evident with two smart Skrewts picks. A male beater with the quality of Willis Miles was a necessity for Team Canto to stay on the podium and Texas State's Lauren McGarrah, who scored twice in the World Cup finals, was a sneaky and good pick. If I could separate these teams I would, but the fact is that both Natera and Canto/Oelze did a great job drafting and could only be topped by quidditch's most famous savant.

C/K, Drew Wasikowski, Texas A&M
B, Chris Seto, The Lost Boys
C/S, Kifer Gregoire, Texas A&M
K/C, Alex Browne, The Lost Boys
C/U, Missy Sponagle, The Lost Boys
C, Brad Armentor, LSU
B, Tim Brestowski, Baylor
B, Rachel Harrsion, Texas A&M
K, Stephen Ralph, UMiami
C, Hannah DeBaets, Tufts
C, Andrew Axtell, Michigan
C, Sam Haimowitz, Texas A&M
U, Brandon Scapa, UCLA
B, Julia Baer, Richmond
C, Alex Pisano, LBFQ
U, Michael Mohlman, Lost Boys

Fantasy drafts are said to be won in the later rounds and even with a knowledgeable field of GMs, Dan Hanson pulled off a comeback for the ages. With flat-out dirty steals of Sam Haimowitz in the twelfth round and Michael Mohlman in the sixteenth, Team Hanson's starting line could essentially combine the season's best chasing corps (Texas A&M) with the season's best beating corps (Lost Boys). Add in the unstoppable duo of Brad Armentor and Andrew Axtell, who were both members of my World Cup VII All-Tournament Team, and I couldn't refuse Team Hanson the title. Hannah DeBaets had a great Global Games, allowing Missy Sponagle to play as a true utility for Team Hanson. Then Team Hanson can still insert UCLA's Brandon Scapa just about anywhere, Tim Brestowski can sub in behind the Lost Boys' beating duo and I haven't even mentioned Alex Browne yet. That's the kind of depth that convinced me that Team Hanson deserved the gold.

That's all for me! Agree? Disagree? Vote in the poll on the right! Who Won the Quiyk Draft, according to you?

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