Friday, October 21, 2011

Opinions and a Report of the BroLove Cup

The Philly BroLove Cup which took place on Oct. 15th at Chestnut Hill College. Since the town of Chestnut Hill was holding a Harry Potter weekend festival, hundreds of Harry Potter fanatics dropped by in full wizard costumes. It was also great to see many kids. Kids ten and under had fun chasing/finding the snitch, muggle quidditch's best feature.

One problem was that Chestnut Hill had four teams. I feel like the fans would have preferred to see their hometown team face off against the other colleges rather than themselves.

The elimination games were low scoring. Villanova allowed their opponents only 10 quaffle points but lost and in a very quick and badly snitched game, Maryland allowed 0 quaffle points to the Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space but lost on a quick snitch snatch.

The final between Penn St and Chestnut Hill was a bad blooded showdown between two of Pennsylvania's best teams. The players were warned by commissioner, Alex Benepe before the game about roughness, but the game still had vicious tackles and hard checks. Also, because of the low scoring matches, a 5 minute Seeker Floor was used for the first time. (the IQA has been debating whether to use this rule in future rulebooks) The Seeker Floor, in which the snitch gets a 5 minute head start, worked very well with a final score having 150 points total.
Although Chestnut Hill was the home team, most of the people watching were rooting for Penn St. The fans didn't like how rough Chestnut Hill was and after a nasty tackle by a Chestnut Hill player, the Penn St bench started cheering "Penn St, Penn St" and a majority of the fans joined in.
Since his team was losing 110 to 10, the Penn St seeker decided to pull a Victor Krum and snatch the snitch. Chestnut Hill won 110 to 40

Other Notes
The Delaware Valley Dragons Community team have fantastic hair
The Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs from Space might have been going under the name of Jetpack Ninja Dutchmen from Space.
Along with 4 Chestnut Hill teams, 11 other teams competed for the title. 2 high school teams with mostly freshman also played

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