Monday, December 19, 2011

Benepe announces Spring Cup in State of the League

The IQA will go through 1 year and 1/3 to choose the destination, prepare and qualify teams for the 2013 Quidditch World Cup in April.
Here are some dates.
January: WC six bids submitted
April: WC site chosen
August: a Quidditch expo match will take place at the London Olympics
September: first full season begins
Regionals all year
April 2013: World Cup Six!!

Conferences were not mentioned in the State of the League, but I believe they are a vital part in improving Quidditch.
Stats such as placing for all three divisions at WC5 were announced. 11,000 paid spectators was the estimate for the weekend by island security. Ambulances were only needed once every 17 games, a stat very impressive for a major contact sport.
Hardships at WC5 like the delay in Day 2 and lack of food and referees were explained.

Everybody reading the article must have felt a tinge of excitement, or perhaps they felt if they were put under the Imperious Curse. All Quidditch fans were truly excited by the commitment of the IQA to making Quidditch the best sport it can be.

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