Sunday, February 5, 2012

World Cup Six Bids

Six bids for World Cup Six that could happen

1. Chicago. Largest city in Midwest Region and the Midwest is hungry for a world cup.

2. Boston. Many experienced teams in Boston. But, if the World Cup is in the Northeast, then it will probably be in NY.

3. Dallas. Texas could be interesting option for a World Cup because the teams in Texas are really good. And minus a long flight to NY, the Texas teams could be dynamite.

4. St Louis. Again the Midwest is hungry for the World Cup and St Louis is a beautiful city on the Mississippi River. Also, St Louis is centrally located within the United States.

5. Los Angeles. The west also wants a the World Cup to come to the Pacific, but I believe that the teams in the West aren't good enough to draw a large hometown crowd. That being said, LA is beautiful and the World Cup would get a lot of TV coverage.

6. New York is by far the best option. Imagine a World Cup in Central Park. NY has the best public transportation, the most media coverage, and NY already has a dedicated fanbase. It might not be Centrally located, but the most IQA teams are in the Northest. Also, if it wasn't in NY, I wouldn't have the chance to report on the World Cup

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