Sunday, March 11, 2012

USC beats cross town foes UCLA

After all was said and done and the smog cleared, (the tournament was in LA) the USC Trojans came out victorious in the Western Cup. After going 4-0 in an easy Pool, with a +650 point differential, USC played the Qwertyians in round one of single elimination. The Qwertyians are the spicy team from Tijuana, Mexico, ever growing proof that Quidditch might be able to have a Victor Krum vs. Ireland type World Cup someday. USC took care of the Mexicans while UCLA defeated Cal in rematch to what was described on the IQA as the day's best game. The NAU Narwals failed to make the winners bracket having lost to UCLA, Cal, and the Lost Boys in Pool play. ASU played Utah, a team with traveling players such as Brad Armentor, the star Power Chaser from LSU. And the surprise of the tournament, San Jose State, 4-0, +220 in Pool Play, played the Silicon Valley Skrewts. SJSU did play in a rather weak Pool, though and Utah did not have enough "mercenaries" apparently because USC and UCLA met in the final.
UCLA is known for fantastic beating which can cause opposing chasers to go insane and USC has lost to UCLA more often than not, so UCLA went in as the favorites. A true Quidditch fan will remember the YouTube show "SnitchCenter" which aired in the fall 4 times. The hosts were beaters from UCLA and USC.
UCLA jumped out to a 50-30 lead, good defense and beating kept the score low, but UCLA was not able to get that precious 30 point lead, and USC caught the snitch. The final score was 60-50 USC.

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