Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Utah Crimson Fliers and other problems at the Western Cup

The Utah Crimson Fliers came in 3rd place at the Western Cup, losing in the semi-finals to UCLA. They defeated defending champions Arizona St twice, in group play and in round one of single elimination. These victories might be because of several "mercenary" players joining the Utah Crimson Fliers from LSU, Kansas, and Texas A&M including star LSU power chaser Brad Armentor. Utah is allowed to do this because they are not associated with the University of Utah, they are a community team. I am all for community teams but I do not think players should be able to play for multiple teams. Because of these "mercenaries," ASU, the defending champions, were denied a chance at the title. The Sun Devils lost only twice, both times to Utah. That was also due to poor organization in the tournament. From Pools of 5, the top 2 advanced into an 8 team single elimination bracket. The teams from the same pool played each other in the first round of single elimination. Four teams, ASU, Cal, the Skrewts, and the Qwertyians were denied a shot at the title because they lost twice to the same team. (Once in group play, once in single elimination) It is a shame that those 4 teams could not have had the oppurtunity to play another team.
If players are willing to come all the way from Kansas, Louisana, and Texas, they should help with the organization.

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  1. ASU did not lose only twice to Utah. The tournament was double elimination. It was UC Berkeley that knocked ASU out of the tournament. So you might want to check your other ones as well.

    Those extra players did help in some ways by reffing, announcing, and allowing a team that otherwise would not have had the numbers to play to play in this tournament.