Monday, April 2, 2012

New idea for IQA Rankings: FIFA

FIFA Quidditch Rankings
The FIFA (International Soccer) rankings could be a good, simple way to rank IQA teams too. Both the IQA and FIFA have no regular season but a world cup, regionals or continental cups and a champions series. In FIFA it is called the Confederations Cup and it is used as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup venues. (That could work for the IQA too right?) 
In the FIFA Rankings, a results of games are given certain point values.
Win: 3
Win with OT: 2
Tie: 1
Loss with OT: 1
Loss: 0
Example:You Win! 3 Points

Then your result is multiplied by match status
Regular game, not in a major tournament: 1
Major Tournament, not a regional: 2.5
Champions Series or Regional: 3
World Cup: 4
Example: This was at the World Cup! You now have 12 points

Then, you multiply your number according to your opponents strength. 
First you have to subtract your opponents rank by 100 and then divide the number by 100.  
Example: You beat 5th ranked Miami! 100-5=95. 95/100= .95, .95 times 12= 11.4

Then you multiply your number by your regional strength. If you are playing an opponent from out of your region, use the average of your regions as your multiplier. Here is my suggested regional strength.
Northeast .97
Mid-Atlantic .88
South .97
Southeast .94
Midwest .86
West .86
Canada .80
International .75
Example: Miami is from the Southeast. 11.4 times .94=10.716

Last, this multiplier factors in time since the game. 
Within the last year: 1
12-24 months ago: .5
24-36 months ago: .3
36-48 months ago: .2
Example: You played Miami in the last year. 10.716 times 1=10.716

Your final number is multiplied by 100 and rounded to the nearest whole number.
Example: 10.716 times 100=1072

Each year, all games' numbers are averaged together and averaged with the past 4 year. 

If this is very confusing, sorry. Check out the Wikipedia page on the FIFA Rankings

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