Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tournaments and IQA Champions League

Here are the top 4 for the three major tournaments this weekend.
The Stony Brook Classic
1 Boston
2 Maryland
3 Villanova
4 no official 4th place

The Texas A&M Classic
1 Texas A&M
2 Texas
3 Silver Phoenixes

Michigan St SQuiB (Spartan Quidditch Bonanza)
1 Ball St
2 Michgan St
3 Miami
4 Purdue

So, I have a new idea for the IQA Champions Cup... Why don't we have winners of major tournaments this year compete? It is a Champions Cup and shouldn't the invited teams be Champions of something? Isn't playing it out in tournaments a better way than coaches polls? What is this, the BCS? Here is how the Champions Cup would look, only counting the last 10 tournaments with more than 4 official IQA teams.
Blacksburg Brawl: Maryland
Stony Brook Classic: BU
Ohio Quidditch Cup: No winner yet, the tournament happens on April 14th
SQuiB: Ball St
Swamp Cup: Miami
Mardi Gras Cup: Texas
Texas A&M Classic: Texas A&M
Ives Pond Classic: Pittsburgh
Western Cup: USC
World Cup: Middlebury

You might be saying, Maryland over LSU, really? Yes. Maryland won the Blacksburgh Brawl with and came in second at the Stony Brook Classic over teams like Villanova, Pitt, Emerson, and Vassar. "And Ball State over Kansas?" Yeah! Kansas hasn't made the commitment to playing in a tournament this past spring that Ball St has. Ball St has often done well at Midwest Tournaments but they haven't gained the IQAs attention because they have not played at a World Cup. The rest of the teams are all very deserving. Anyone who questions Middlebury's invitation should be smacked on the head and reminded that they are the only team to ever have the title "IQA World Champion"


  1. Kansas beat Ball State in the quarterfinals of the Midwest Cup. We played a back-to-back-to-back series against Ball State, Michigan State, and Pittsburgh. Won all games. That in mind, Ball State is an AMAZING team. Would be my favorite to make quiet runs through any tournament.

  2. I know Kansas is worthy too, and I encourage them to play in some tournaments, but Ball State has pored that they are a worthy team more than once. The SQuiB and the Ball State- Purdue Invitational

  3. Yes, I know! I was just responding to the part where you had said we had not made the commitment to a tournament that they had played in. I believe Ball State would have been an easy pick for Midwest Finals had we not met with them early in the bracket.