Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brief Predictions for Breakfast Taco and Dumledore Tournaments

The Breakfast Taco Tournament in Houston and the Dumbledore Tournament in South Bend will give us the first glimpses of the Southwest and Midwest regions. Big name teams such as Texas, Kansas, and Pittsburgh won't be attending these tournaments, but a good lineup of experienced teams are set to make 2 great tournaments. Here's what I expect to see:
Breakfast Taco Chicken and Waffles Tournament
Sam Houston State University (SHSU)
Silver Phoenixes
University of New Orleans (UNO) + University of Southern Alabama (USA)
Louisiana State University (LSU)
Texas State University
Baylor Bruins
Merc Team
University of Incarnate Word (UIW)
University of Texas - San Antonio (UTSA)

Texas A&M,  Silver Phoenixes, Baylor, LSU (or the Merc team if its made up of almost all UT players)

Baylor 90* Texas A&M 80

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Memorial Tournament

Pool A: Purdue, MSU, NIU, IU, St Marys.

Pool B: BSQL, U of M, SIUC, IUSB, Purdue Community Team. 

Pool C: Marquette, Miami (OH), Central Michigan, and Loyola.

Michigan State, Michigan, Marquette, Ball State (or Purdue depending on new recruits)

Marquette 120* Michigan State 50

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