Sunday, October 28, 2012

Projected November Rankings

After losses by three of the top four teams, the Eighth Man's poll is bound to be shaken up. I project that USC, with wins over Miami and UCLA will move into the number 1 spot with Diamond Cup champions Texas A&M in second.

1 University of Southern California
2 Texas A&M  
3 University of Maryland
4 University of Texas-Austin 
5 Villanova University
6 University of Miami
7 Louisiana State University
8 University of California-Los Angeles
9 Baylor University
10 Ball State University
11 Emerson College
12 Marquette University
13 Boston University
14 University of Kansas
15 Middlebury College
16 University of South Florida
17 Hofstra University
18 University of Minnesota
19 Michigan State University
20 University of Michigan

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