Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quidditch Season is Back!!

Well, it has been a while, but after a few long months on Privet Drive, receiving socks and other great gifts from my family, Quidditch is back. Southwest Regionals are this weekend!
First though, let's recap what has happened to the world cup favorites across the country since late November.
Texas- very impressive showing at the Mardi Gras Cup. Destroying LSU at home and utterly out-playing them reminds me that UT is my World Cup pick. UT beat LSU in the final, 180-40*.

USC- the high flying Trojans, who were on top of the world after winning the Hollywood Bowl have plummeted. Losing in official and unofficial games, the Trojans just are not looking like themselves. But, we all know what USC is capable of doing with Lurhs, Conatser and Demarest and players of that caliber don't just disappear. I fully expect USC to be ready next week at Western Cup.

UCLA- the opposite story of USC, the Bruins have played great since November taking care of business with the smaller California teams and beating USC by 110 points.

Miami- has been dominating the FQC, USF is really their only decent competition and they have beaten the Bulls, . Florida poses no threat to the destructive Hurricane anymore and if a home-state team is going to win the World Cup, it will be the U, led by David Moyer.

Glass City- showed the similarity of teams in terms of skill. Michigan State and Michigan's experience and good seeker play eventually led them to the finals past Bowling Green State and Purdue respectively. Michigan State defeated their in-state foes, 80*-50, obviously a game that could have gone either way.

Texas A&M, Maryland, Villanova, Emerson, Boston and Marquette are teams that have not played any games of huge significance since the end of the season.

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