Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Eighth Man Rankings

1Texas A&M (7)195T-3
2University of Southern California (2)1811
3Villanova University1722
4University of Maryland165T-3
5University of Miami (1)1645
6University of Texas-Austin1526
7Boston University135T-12
8Marquette University1309
9University of California-Los Angeles1207
10Emerson College91T-12
11Louisiana State University908
12Baylor University8911
13Ball State University8610
14Bowling Green State University64UR
15Hofstra University42UR
16University of South Florida40T-15
17Penn State University36T-15
T-18University of Michigan2414
T-18University of Pittsburgh2419
20Tufts University22UR

Other receiving votes: McGill University 20, Michigan State University 17, University of Kansas 14, Florida Gulf Coast University 8, University of Minnesota 6, Ringling College of Art and Design 5, University of Florida 4,  Ohio State University 3, University of Newcastle (Australia) 1

A surprise edition of the Eighth Man Rankings! Thoughts:
Boston makes big jump. Boston, boosted by their win at NERC jumps to 7 past Marquette, a team that won the Midwest Cup and came in second at the Collegiate Cup behind the number one team.
Texas is still ranked 6th after a WxSW win.
LSU missed out on a big fall, falling from 8 to 11 while Kansas fell out of the rankings. I don't get why LSU didn't fall behind Baylor though because Baylor beat the Tigers at the Collegiate Cup.
Everything else looks good. BGSU jumped all the way to 13 (maybe a little high) after a second place finish at the Midwest Cup, Hofstra and Tufts joined as a result of semifinal runs at NERC. McGill still sits at the 21 spot even though they won the Canadian Cup.
For the first time, Middlebury is undisputedly not number 1. MiddQuid received no votes.

With these thoughts, I understand that the Eighth Man doesn't have a final say and that they simply add the votes of the voters, but some of these things just seem odd.

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