Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Prediction on the South

I don't have time for a major breakdown and I think the one written by Andy Marmer of the Monday Snitch on the IQA's site is pretty similar to my own beliefs. Look for seekers like Miami's David Moyer and Ringling's Bryan Bae to shine and chasers such as Miami's (former USF) Sean Pagoda and Florida's Dr. Dre to play well too.
Otherwise, my qualifying teams are Miami, USF, Florida State, Ringling, Florida and Tennessee Tech. Florida is in trouble in my opinion. They recently needed two snatches to beat FSU in overtime at the Clash of the Titans and scored zero quaffle points on Miami. If Florida faulters or chokes, Southern Miss and South Carolina are also potential qualifiers, but I just can't believe that Florida would fall.
This week I bought my WC6 tickets and this weekend features the last regional! Get excited. Also, I am in the process of writing a review on the State of the League Address so expect that.
Happy that my favorite region, the smallest and least developed is shining this weekend. Hopefully the FQC can play well again at WC6. Good luck!

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