Saturday, May 4, 2013

Skills Competiton

The tumblr-blogosphere has been buzzing about possible skills competions at fantasy tournaments. Takingmytalentstoquidditch pointed out that it could allow players to shine through displaying their unique quidditch abilities. Here are five competitions that I would do.

Shoot Out
Chasers and keepers would show off their accuracy from all around the field in a competitive beater-free zone. Each player would take ten or more shots and the player with the best shooting percentage would win. Teams can heavily rely on long-shooting chasers, especially in long games or tiring tournaments. Driving through opponents and dunking isn't a possibility for some of the less physical teams and so they need a lights out shooter.

Seeker's Bracket
Analysts, bloggers and players have long debated who the best seeker in the game is. Why not take the variables out of the game (opposing beaters or defensive seeking) and just allow the seekers to go 2 on 1 against the snitch? "Matches" would be shorter, as the snitch would get tired quickly, and so setting up a bracket for the seekers could work. Taking stats for a Seeker's Bracket would be awesome, too.

Beater Games
Many beaters would enter this Hunger Games-esque competition. The rules are simple. Start in a circle around a "cornucopia," containing a number of bludgers. (The amount of bludgers would ideally be 75% the amount of contestants) When the whistle blows, contestants try not to get beat and beat other contestants. This would go on in a strictly enforced space until a victor emerged.

Broom Races
High school track stars would love this 4 person relay event with brooms. Spectators, especially those new to the sport, would love to see speedy people zipping around the pitch on brooms. The great athleticism on display would out weigh the silliness of running with broom to the spectators. Each leg of the race would go once around both sets of hoops. After running his/her leg of the race, the runner would hand off the quaffle, Broom Races' version of the baton. The gender ratio for each team would be 2:2.

Dunk Competition
The most fun and least statistically relevant competition would be the slam dunk competition. Diving through hoops, ally-oops and behind the back dunks would be performed for a roaring and laughing crowd. Like in the NBA, the big personalities of quidditch would shine and twitter would buzz about "that amazing dunk by player X at Tournament Y!"


  1. Some of these may be at QuidCon this year.!skills-challenges/c1snu

    1. I hope those competitions happen. They'd be really cool.