Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snitchy Games Finale

So after a few days waiting, the final matchup for the Snitchy Games was posted on the popular tumbkr blog, The Golden Snitchy. It was a matchup between two World Cup finalists, one being Augustine Monroe, a keeper for Texas and Asher King Abramson, a beater from UCLA. Two players at different positions, from different regions, who recently faced off. With Monroe being the World Cup champion, I thought he had an edge. But, I personally think Asher is an incredibly unique player. While Slipstream may be the best keeper in the game, there are many others right behind him. At beater, Abramson is so far ahead of the others in terms of how he controls the was going to be an exciting finale.

But, no! Slipstream and Asher escape the arena...
All right, come on! I know it's what happened in Catching Fire, but we in the Capitol, aka the quidditch blogosphere, want a Victor! We need to know who the Golden Snitchy thinks is the best! It's practically become quidditch's MVP award! You can't just leave us hanging. I am bloodthirsty!
 If a number of tributes were going to escape, I would have written it so the top six escaped.
Asher, Vanessa, Porter, Slipstream, Barricade and Daniel.
Also, it was weird enough that top players like Yada, Drew Wasikowsi and Chris Morris were not in this Snitchy Games because they died in last year's Games. The Golden Snitchy did a good job in choosing mostly seniors to avoid this problem, but there are still some juniors. Dan Daugherty has risen to become one of the best in the game. By next year, he could easily be the best. But, he will not participate in the Snitchy Games cause he died.

Overall though, I loved the Snitchy Games: Catching Fire. They were exciting, insightful and fun.

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