Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quidditch Coaches Poll 10/29

World Coaches Poll
1. Lone Star QC (351)
2. Texas A&M University (350)
3. Lost Boys QC (341)
4. University of Texas-Austin (310)
5. Baylor University (199)
6. Emerson College (179)
7. Bowling Green State University (177)
8. Boston University (170)
9. University of California-Los Angeles (154)
10. University of Miami (120)
11. University of Texas-San Antonio (118)
11. University of Southern California (115)
13. NYDC Capitalists (103)
14. Florida's Finest QC (93)
15. University of Kansas (88)

Top Three Others Receiving Votes: University of Maryland (61), Tufts University (41), University of Arkansas (40)

Regional Coaches Polls
Mid Atlantic
1. NYDC Capitalists
1. University of Maryland
3. Villanova University
4. Pennsylvania State University
5. University of Richmond

1. Bowling Green State University
2. Ball State University
2. University of Kansas
4. Michigan State University 
5. Ohio State University

1. Boston University 
2. Emerson College
3. Tufts University
4. QC Boston: The Massacre
5. Macaulay Honors College

1. Florida's Finest
1. University of Miami
3. University of Florida
4. Eastern Florida State College
4. Florida State University

1. Texas A&M University
2. Lone Star QC
3. University of Texas-Austin
4. Baylor University
5. University of Texas-San Antonio

1. Lost Boys QC
2. University of California-Los Angeles
3. University of Southern California
4. Northern Arizona University
5. Arizona State University 

Voters: Brad Armentor (Lousiana State University), Nick Beacher (Stony Brook University), Evan Bell (Santa Barbara Blacktips), Sean Beloff (University of Miami), Patrick Callanan (University of 
Rochester), Mitch Cavender (Lost Boys QC), Cooper Davis (Northern Arizona University), Jeremy Day (University of Richmond), Clay Dockery (New York Badassilisks), Devin Dutt (Carleton University), Chisa Tko-Br Egbelu (Rutgers University), Blain Falone (University of South Florida), David Fox (Emerson College), Craig Garrison (University of Texas-San Antonio), David Gilbert (Baylor University), Kyle Jeon (New York University), Allick Jorgensen (University of Central Florida), Nicolas Kubicki (University of Southern Mississppi), Erin Mallory (University of Maryland), Brain Nackasha (Eastern Florida State University), Ben Nadeau (QC Boston: The Massacre), Cody Narveson (University of Minnesota), Stephen Nettles (Rollins College), Sean Pagoada (Florida's Finest QC), Michael Parada (NYDC Capitalists), Jordon Parisher (Texas State University), David Prueter (Central Michigan University), Tye Rush (Riverside Quidditch), Brandon Scapa (Universtiy of California-Los Angeles), Sarah Sherman (University of Southern California), Ben Shipman (Pennsylvania State University), Colby Soden (University of Kansas), Ethan Sturm (Tufts University), Shenuque Tissera (Macaulay Honors College at CUNY), Tyler Walker (Ball State University), Tad Walters (Loyola University), Drew Wasikowski (Texas A&M University), Alex Wilson (University of Arkansas); 


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