Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Draft Guides: Americans at Canada Fantasy 2014

Earlier today, Ethan Sturm of the Eighth Man published a mock draft of Canada's Fantasy Draft, which is starting momentarily. Since my knowledge of Canadian quidditch isn't much more than word-of-mouth, reading articles and a couple of highlight videos, I will stick with Sturm's order, but insert my critiques on those coming from the land of Uncle Sam.
1. Colin Wallace – Carleton University – Beater
2. Adam Robillard – Ottawa Gee Gees – Chaser/Seeker
3. Devin Sandon – University of Rochester – Chaser
As much as I am a huge Devin Sandon fan, picking the Rochester star chaser at three seems risky, considering his injury history. 
4. Shane Hurlbert – Rochester Institute of Technology – Chaser/Seeker
Even with Sandon healthy, I would have Hurlbert jump up to three. In addition to aggressive offensive play and great goal-scoring ability, Hurlbert should be considered one of the top seekers in Canada Fantasy's player pool. I was watching when Hurlbert carried RIT past a surging QC Boston squad with snitch catches in regulation and overtime. With a capable seeker being a must-have at fantasy tournaments, Hurlbert brings tremendous value to the table.
5. Jonathan Parent – Ottawa Gee Gees – Chaser
6. Matt Bourassa – Carleton University – Chaser
7. Wesley Burbridge – Guelph Quidditch – Chaser
8. Brian Wong – Ottawa Maple Rush – Chaser/Seeker
9. Max Wallerstadt – University of Kansas – Chaser
Kansas' Max Wallerstadt will most likely land with his Jayhawk teammate Samy Mousa. It is a matter of what round Mousa will have to take Wallerstadt in.
10. Max Miceli – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Chaser
I trace much of what I think about UNC chaser Max Miceli back to Turtle Cup III, where Miceli was tasked with leading a depleted UNC team through a tough pool. Despite UNC's performance being perceived as a disappointment, Miceli wowed me at Turtle Cup III, showing that he needs very little around him to score. The GM that picks Miceli will get a player who is used to the type of heroball that dominates fantasy tournament gameplay. With more freedom to go after beaters and seekers, the GM that picks Miceli could assemble a very dangerous team.
11. Devin Dutt – Carleton University – Chaser
12. Donald Lynch III – New York Warriors – Keeper
While 12 may be a little high, pairing Donald Lynch of the Warriors with a ball-carrying keeper could be an interesting, smart move. Offensively, Lynch can play high-support chaser or behind-the-hoops goal machine. In addition, at World Cup VII he played keeper for the NYDC Capitalists and has shown the ability to point defend at a high level. Lynch will most likely end up with his Capitalists and now Warriors teammate, keeper Alex Linde.
Note: Lynch and Linde were both confirmed to be members of the new New York City community team, the Warriors, which was announced yesterday on the QuidKid.
13. Hannah DeBaets – Tufts University – Chaser
As the only Team USA player at the Canada Fantasy Tournament, I am expecting Team Canada GMs to be warying of picking the Tufts chaser for fear of giving away strategies. If an "American" team is assembled like last year, I would guess that DeBaets will be on that team.
14. Rithy Min – University of Montreal – Chaser
15. Tom Skudlarek – Rochester Institute of Technology – Chaser
16. Paulina Pascual – Emerson College – Beater
While Sturm had Emerson's Paulina Pascual as the first female beater to come off the board, the female beater field is fairly deep and several other players could be chosen first. QCB's Kara Levis, who Sturm had at 19, is one possibility, but I would also look towards Tufts beater Nora Mueller, Macaulay beater Jenna Jankowski and Warriors beater Amanda Dallas. I also wouldn't be surprised if a female beater from a Canadian university was chosen before Pascual. While Canadian beating is considered behind American beating, Canadian female beaters have more familiarity playing against/with beaters such as Colin Wallace and Matt McVeigh. If the gap between Canada Fantasy's elite male beaters and its next class of male beaters is worrying a GM, that GM should be sure to have beaters who are familiar with the likes of Wallace, McVeigh and Mousa.
17. Matt Stone – Carleton University – Keeper
18. Adam Palmer – York University – Keeper
19. Kara Levis – Q.C. Boston: The Massacre – Beater
While injuries have plagued Levis in the past, working with a rotation cast of QCB beaters this season and experience in different beating systems definitely enhances her value to the Canada Fantasy GMs.
20. Justin Keiber-King – University of Rochester – Seeker/Keeper
21. Patrick Qi Wang – McGill University – Keeper
22. Jenn Magel – Carleton University — Chaser
23. Patrick Callanan – University of Rochester – Chaser
Callanan is a great option to put behind a first-round keeper or chaser. Callanan's greatest value lies in his ability to keep intensity and physicality high on a team's second line.
24. Erin McCrady – Ottawa Gee Gees – Beater
25. Alexander Tessier – McGill University – Seeker
26. Emily Hickmott – Tufts University – Chaser 
27. Daniel Shapiro – University of Missouri – Chaser
28. Luke Espina – Macaulay Honors College – Beater
While I have never heard of Luke Espina, I have no problem with Sturm putting the Macaulay beater at 28 because Macaulay's beating corps was one of the more impressive units I saw at World Cup VII. The BAQC member played a lockdown defense with beaters in the center that stumped the likes of runner-up Texas State and regional champion Miami. 
29. Josh Kramer – Rochester Institute of Technology – Beater
30. Matt Zeltzer – New York Badassilisks – Seeker
31. Lisle Coleman – University of Rochester – Chaser/Beater
32. Jeffrey Sherman – Rochester Institute of Technology – Keeper

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