Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Parada to Form New NYC Community Team

Two-time Team USA chaser and former Penn State and NYDC Capitalists captain Michael Parada will be starting a new community team based in New York City. Amanda Dallas, a former captain and beater for NYU and the Capitalists, will be his assistant captain. Select NYDC players will be joining New York City's newest community team, the Warriors.
Photo by Ben Holland
"Two branches did not work," Parada said, referring to NYDC's structure of holding separate practices in the New York City and Washington DC areas. "We had too many egos and habits that could not be broken. It's time to start from scratch with the players that are truly dedicated to becoming an elite squad."
The news comes after the perceived failures of community teams at World Cup VII sparked a national discussion about the obstacles community teams face. The NYDC Capitalists' failure to advance past pool play as a pot one team has headlined the debate. Already, new community teams have been announced in five of the six American regions. The Warriors are leaning towards competing in the Northeast, a change from the NYDC Capitalists, who played in the Mid-Atlantic.
Creating a purely competitive team, the Warriors will not hold open practices or take players just to fill roster spots. However, the Warriors will hold designated try-out days throughout the semester.
Previously, it was announced that Parada would co-coach Macaulay Honors College with Shenuque Tissera. With Parada co-coaching Macaulay, the Warriors will practice with the college team, in addition to having their own practices. 
"The Warriors come first," Dallas said, "that's already been made clear."

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