Saturday, April 25, 2015

Warriors Triumph Over Capital Madness

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In an intense Sunday morning matchup, the Warriors triumphed over Capital Madness Quidditch Club 140*-50, with Warriors seeker Andrew Zagelbaum securing the snitch catch. Both teams formed over the summer from the ashes of the NYDC Capitalists, a community team that disbanded after a highly disappointing performance at World Cup VII.

The opening minutes were characterized by a long scoreless drought. Although the Warriors’ offense appeared more threatening, Capital Madness’ defense stood strong, denying the Warriors goal after goal. With Madness coach James Hicks energizing his team, chasers Brennen Lutz and Steve Minnich turned up the physicality and clogged the middle of the pitch. Simultaneously, Capital Madness placed a beater behind the hoops to counter the Warriors’ passing game. Despite no real offensive threat from Capital Madness, the Warriors’ frustration mounted as goal-scoring opportunities were wasted. When Minnich retrieved a loose ball, raced down the pitch and dove through the small hoop, it looked like Capital Madness could pull off an upset for the ages.

“Both teams… were playing a lot more hesitant,” said Warriors captain Amanda Dallas.

As snitch George Williams jogged onto the field, the score was knotted at 20-20. Luckily for the Warriors, the snitch game distracted beaters, and Williams fended off the seekers. Line after line of Warriors chasers uncovered newfound energy, trucking through a tired Capital Madness defense. First-year Warriors player Mike Beloff notched several key goals, lifting the Warriors out of snitch range. With the scoreline widening, Zagelbaum added 30 points to take the Warriors’ total to 140 points.

“We have big guys that barrel through people,” Dallas said.

The Warriors improve to 3-2, keeping their bracket play hopes alive. After a valiant effort, Capital Madness falls to 2-3. Following postgame handshakes, the former members of the NYDC Capitalists united for one last “NYDC” chant.

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