Thursday, February 23, 2012


From the original category Quidditch rankings, I will now release monthly trend rankings. They will be completely decided by me, unless you comment with a good argument. I will move teams in and out and up and down in the rankings monthly. The moves will be based off tournaments and a team is not eligible to move up if the team hasn't played any games. Tournaments including are the FQC games on 2/4, the Mardi Gras Cup, the Utah Snow Cup and the Ives Pond Classic. Here are the January/February Rankings.
1 Middlebury
3 Pittsburgh
4 Texas
5 Miami
6 Boston
7 Emerson
8 McGill
10 Kansas
11 Michigan State
12 Texas A&M
13 Florida
14 Villanova
15 Cal Berkely
16 Michigan
17 USC
18 Penn State
19 Marquette
20 Arizona State
21 Minnesota
22 Ives Pond
23 Maryland
24 Carleton
25 Vassar

I would've liked to keep producing the Categorized Quidditch Rankings, but they were too time consuming. I hope you enjoy having a say in these new rankings.

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