Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Tournaments

The Ives Pond Classic and the Utah Snow Cup, both in their 2nd years, were great tournaments to kick off 2012 with. Pittsburgh beat Ives Pond despite an Ives Pond snitch catch 90-50. The standings looked like this before the six team final bracket.
Pittsburgh 4-0
Ives Pond 3-1
Ottawa 3-1
Rochester 3-1
RIT 2-2
Carleton 2-2
Geneseo 1-3
Edinboro 1-3
WEQL 1-3
Syracuse 0-4

The 1 & 2 seeds cruised to the final after receiving byes in the first round. According to Alex Benepe, there was a "moderate amount of snow on the ground."

In the Utah Snow Cup, there was no snow on the ground but ther eras some awesome Quidditch. The host team, the Utah Crimson Fliers, won the tournament for the second year in a row. Utah lost to NAU (Northern Arizona did not attend the World Cup, but they beat Arizona St convincingly in October)in the final match though, but Utah won on Point Differential. Here is the final standings.

Utah Crimson Fliers (UT)
Northern Arizona University Narwhals (NAU)
Auxkas (AUX) – mercenary team comprising USC, SVS, etc.
FYSU – mercenary team comprising UCLA, LSU, Villanova, Kansas, SVS etc.
Denver Dementors (DEN)
Brigham Young University Cougars (BYU)
University of North Colorado (UNC)

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