Saturday, April 12, 2014

A&M Survives Upset-Minded Kansas

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No. 1 Texas A&M University withstood a major scare from an upset-hungry University of Kansas team, prevailing 50*-30. Despite the surprise attendance of Kansas phenom seeker Keir Rudolph, Texas A&M’s seeking corps had better opportunities, with veteran seeker Luke Wigley securing the game-winning pull.

Facing a game against the undefeated and seemingly invincible Texas A&M, Kansas devised a game plan to slow the game down and extend its offensive possessions for as long as possible. The Kansas game plan was executed nearly to perfection: it dominated the time of possession and limited the number of Texas A&M possessions to only seven, according to an estimate by A&M Captain Drew Wasikowski. In a post-game interview, Wasikowski referenced how Texas A&M relies on using its conditioning, athleticism and depth to maintain a successful fast-paced transition game. Using all 21 players to fly up and down the field, Texas A&M would normally be able to outclass a team like Kansas after five-to-ten minutes.

Combined with Kansas’ strategic stalling on the offensive end, quite a few lengthy stoppages for injuries and rule-breaking prevented Texas A&M from getting into its normal rhythm. Uncharacteristically of Texas A&M, the Aggies also showed sub-par finishing ability as Kansas stuffed the World Cup VII favorites repeatedly at the hoops. In what might have saved Texas A&M from day one embarrassment, the Aggies were able to use their goals and other big plays as motivation, showing much emotion beneath the lights of field one.

Perhaps missing an opportunity, Kansas’ dual point guard system led to more lengthy possessions than goals. As Kansas’ point guards switched the point of attack and waited for an opening to be detected in Texas A&M’s defense, the A&M defense rotated and switched perfectly, holding Kansas to only 30 points.

Texas A&M will play next in the Round of 32, having received a bye for winning Pool Three and going 4-0. Kansas, who narrowly beat University of Richmond to ensure a 3-1 record, will participate in the play-in round.

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