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Moyer Lifts Miami Over Macaulay

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In a pool one matchup, the Southern Regional Champions, the University of Miami, narrowly escaped Macaulay Honors College Marauders by a score of 60*-10. After only 11 minutes and 21 seconds  of gameplay, Miami seeker David Moyer caught the snitch to seal the victory.

The game began as a defensive struggle. Macaulay was carried by key beats on the defensive end and bludger catches on the offensive end, especially from Shenuque Tissera. Stephen Ralph and Bernard Berges, both of Miami, displayed excellent shot blocking that repeatedly denied Macaulay goals. Both teams failed to capitalize on opportunities, with Miami struggling to punch the quaffle in near the hoops. Both teams scored their first goals with one player advantages due to yellow cards. When the snitch returned to the pitch, the score was 30-10 in Miami’s favor. Moyer’s game-winning snatch did not prevent Miami from expressing their disappointment with the mediocre performance.

“Macaulay has little better beating than we expected” said Miami captain Sean Beloff. “Our beaters have been training for a while but we’re a team of mostly freshmen and sophomores so we’re a little inexperienced.”

Anchoring the Miami beating corps was beater Shannon Moorhead, who made her first appearance in a competitive game since breaking her collarbone at Swamp Cup. Moorhead played well in her return, doing all she could with one bludger, but Macaulay’s beating was more consistent throughout the entire game and stopped more scoring chances.

“We didn’t get into our style,” said Beloff. “We just tried to rush too much.”

“We work on beating a lot,” said Tissera, Macaulay’s captain. “We’re not one of the biggest teams here, but we do have great beaters and pretty good depth at that position.”

Macaulay attempted to contest the result because the snitch was handicapped immediately after returning to the field, but the appeal was denied by the IQA gameplay department.

Miami and Macaulay are both currently 1-1, as Miami lost to the Utah Crimson Fliers and Macaulay defeated Eastern Michigan. Miami plays Eastern Michigan next on field two at 4:20 p.m. and Macaulay faces the upset-hungry Crimson Fliers at 5:40 p.m. on field two.

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