Friday, June 14, 2013

Departing Players Database Part 2

I want to finish off this so I can do my predictions for the three remaining US Regions: South, Southwest and Mid-Atlantic. Teams that I am especially curious about--USF, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Texas State, Pittsburgh...

Jenn Baumgartner - Beater
Todd Grimm - Chaser
Sean Pagaoda - Beater/Chaser

South Carolina
Jacqui Ahearn - Chaser

Dan Miller - Chaser
Steven Wong - Chaser
Anthony Sherburn

Southern Miss
Tyler Edwards - chaser

Texas A&M
Keri Callegari - Chaser
Savannah Allison - Beater

(Information obtained from a Muggle Net video pointed out to me by Ian Hoopingarner and confirmed by a source who wished to remain anonymous. If any of the following players are continuing to play for the Longhorns or the list doesn't include a player, be sure to point it out).
Simon Arends - Chaser
Chris Morris - Chaser/Keeper
Stephen Bell - Keeper/Chaser
Jacob Adlis - Beater
Lauren Carter - Beater
Hope Machala - Beater
Hank Dugie - Chaser
Kody Marshall - Chaser
Augustine Monroe - Keeper
Jake Alford - Seeker
Sarah Holub - Chaser

Sam Houston State
Brandi Cannon - Chaser
Randi Sampson - Beater
Ryan Bowers - Chaser/Keeper

Oklahoma State
Corie Jo Fegel - Chaser
Julie Glenn - Beater

Chase Thackerson - Chaser
Andy Iverson - Beater
John Whiteaker - Chaser/Beater

None: BaylorLoyola

Haley Moffitt - Beater
Scott Behler - Coach (ex-beater)
Katryna Fernandez - Chaser
Sam Rosenberg - Chaser/Keeper
Nicholas Waddell - Beater

Zach D'Amico - Chaser
Blaise Sceski - Keeper

Penn State
Michael Parada - Chaser/Keeper/Seeker
Kelly Gambocurta - Beater
Steven Hysick - Chaser
Ben Kolmer - Beater
Joe Tucker - Chaser 

James Hicks - Keeper
Patrick Rardin - Chaser
Sarah Woosley - Beater
Jimmy Pritts - Beater
Liz Miles - Chaser

Nick Candido - Chaser
Billy Rothert - Beater


  1. Villanova is only graduating two players.

    Zach D'Amico - Chaser
    Blaise Sceski - Keeper

  2. PSU:
    Michael Parada - Chaser/Keeper
    Kelly Gambocurta - Beater
    Steven Hysick - Chaser
    Ben Kolmer - Beater
    Joe Tucker - Chaser