Saturday, June 8, 2013

Third Team All Stars

(K) David Foxx
Photo by Emily Oliver
Capable of leveling players and trucking through the strongest chaser defenses, David Foxx is an outstanding keeper. Foxx is the point in Emerson's effective half court offense. Surveying the pitch for open teammates, or driving to the hoops, Foxx plays smart and has fantastic field awareness. While he doesn't have explosive speed, nothing is more terrifying than Foxx accelerating down the field on a fast break. Foxx led Emerson to second place at the NERC and a Sweet 16 appearance at World Cup.

(C) Devin Sandon & (C) Kifer Gregorie
Photo by Isabella Gong/IQA Staff
Photo by Blake Hemmerling
What the chaser pair of Rochester's Devin Sandon and Texas A&M's Kifer Gregorie lacks in size, they make up for in shooting, athleticism, quickness and playmaking ability. Each player has a very different role on his team. Sandon is Rochester's leading scorer and has the quaffle in his hands every possession. Gregorie plays for one of the top, deepest teams in the nation. Players like Drew Wasikowski or Andrew Dinwoodie tend to get more touches per possession than Gregoire. However, when Gregorie gets the ball, he makes it count with accurate shooting, great positioning and the ability to slip out of tackles. Gregorie helped Texas A&M to a near perfect pre-World Cup VI record and a championship in the Collegiate Cup.

(C) Meredith Taylor

Photo by Tim Adkins
BGSU's Meredith Taylor is one of those rare players that capitalize on every touch of the quaffle they get. Rarely taking bad shots or turning the ball over, Taylor is incredibly efficient and scores and assists almost every game. Taylor fits into BGSU's offense best when she is playing behind the hoops, scrappily recovering missed shots and receiving passes. Taylor's broad skills set could make her dangerous anywhere on the field though. Taylor's contributions continued as her team knocked off Miami, Maryland, and the Lost Boys at World Cup VI

(B) Luke Changet & (B) Sarah Kneiling
My third team's beater pair consists of Ohio State's Luke Changet and Sarah Kneiling. Changet and Kneiling are both seniors playing in their final year at their respective schools. Changet is a general on the field, commanding beater, chaser and seeker strategy all with a bludger in hand. A natural leader, Changet led Ohio State to the Sweet Sixteen at World Cup VI and has helped to build a team that should be competitive for the next few years. Kneiling, a member of Team USA, is often overshadowed by beating partner Kody LaBauve. Kneiling is a reliable, smart defender who pursues the ball carrier relentlessly. Although she is small, she is fearless in trying to regain bludger control from larger opponents.

(S) Harry Greenhouse
Photo by Tim Adkins
Maryland has the best snitch catch percentage in the IQA at 76% in official games. At the center of Maryland's seeking game is Harry Greenhouse. Greenhouse is strong and normally makes quick work of all but the best snitches. Charging onto the pitch, Greenhouse is determined and confident and has a way of boxing out the opposing seeker. Although he struggled in Maryland's biggest games in 2012-13, removing him from the list because of this is unfair. The reality is, Harry Greenhouse is one of the most valuable seekers in the IQA and when Greenhouse can grapple the snitch, he doesn't come away empty handed.

(C/K/S) Reed Marchman

Photo by Monica Wheeler
Known for his backwards broom and gold shorts just as much as his strength and physicality, Baylor chaser Reed Marchman can't be left out of this list. An aggressive point defender and good shot blocker, Marchman can defend well anywhere on the pitch and is vital to Baylor's defensive strategy. Marchman seeks for Baylor often too, easily catching less physical snitches and providing an equal match for the most physical snitches. Marchman has been part of Baylor's rise from not being known to Regional Champion and Semifinalist.

Third Team
Keeper-David Foxx
Chaser-Devin Sandon
Chaser-Kifer Gregorie
Chaser-Meredith Taylor
Beater-Luke Changet
Beater-Sarah Kneiling
Seeker-Harry Greenhouse
Utility-Reed Marchman 

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