Thursday, June 20, 2013

Source: QC Boston Adds Four Players

A source close to the team has informed me that QC Boston-The Massacre has added four new players. Benny Nadeau, Dan Miller, Jayke Archibald and Bobby O'Neill are joining the effort to develop Boston's first community team. The Massacre, led by Team USA teammates Kedzie Teller and Zach D'Amico, are currently pursuing other players but the source told me that Nadeau, Miller, Archibald and O'Neill are the only names that will be leaked now. Each new player brings something important to QC Boston and with six players, I can start to speculate and imagine how the team will look and perform on the pitch.

Chaser Benny Nadeau will leaving ECQ to play for QC Boston. An outstanding off-the-ball chaser, Nadeau has a knack for getting open, and taking accurate, mid range shots. If the Massacre run an offense similar to Villanova's (which is what I expect), Nadeau will benefit from the quick play qnd precise passing. Complex chaser weaving, give and goes and designed screens will allow him to get more touches of the quaffle and score more frequently. Nadeau played and excelled in Emerson's  man defense and if the Massacre decides to play a zone, he will have to adjust.

Photo by Liz Fisher

Photo by Mollie Evans

Dan Miller, the former Ringling keeper and captain, will be moving to Boston and playing for the Massacre. Miller is a leader and offensive playmaker with size and length--something that will be very valuable to the Boston community team when they face off against Emerson and BU. QC Boston's first Southern addition doesn't fit the passing-minded and speedy model that they might become known for, and it will be interesting to see how he is used in the offense. Miller works terrifically with beaters, often instructing them to clear out driving lanes for him. Playing primarily at the point, he can drive and shoot well too.

Photo by Michael Mason/IQA Staff
 Jayke Archibald will also be heading up to Boston to play with the Massacre in 2013-14. Archibald starred for Hofstra at chaser, drawing the eyes of onlookers every game he played. A prolific goal scorer, Archibald's speed and agility make him a great driver and he just knows how to score. On the fast break, Archibald and Teller will be a deadly duo, pulling QCB out of snitch range in many games. He has great field vision and will be a reliable and efficient scoring weapon for the Massacre. As a defender, the Hofstra grad is not very physical, but smart. He is good at blocking off passing lanes and can strip the ball sneakily.

The first non quaffle player confirmed for QCB is Boston Riot beater Bobby O'Neill. O'Neill is incredibly smart when trying to regain bludger control and a strong defensive presence. He has the skills to become an elite beater, and on a team that will most definitely use complicated, beater-chaser strategy, I believe he will.

With these four exciting additions, anyone following QCB has to ask: who's next? The Massacre are starting to build something special through aggressive recruiting: a team with recognizable names and great talent from many different teams and regions. Without any seekers, only one beater and no female players, the Massacre are very incomplete still and will hold official tryouts. The six players confirmed for QC Boston's roster though, have set a high standard in terms of talent, athleticism, leadership and experience.

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  1. Just saying, even if we don't get anyone else, that's the most intense 3 on 3 practice ever...