Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Impressive Fantasy Performances: Peter Lee

Photo by Kat Ignatova/IQA Staff

3. Vassar beater Peter Lee fell off the map when Vassar failed to qualify for World Cup VI. A Firemercs 2 MVP performance later and Lee is right back in the conversation of top beaters in the sport: where he should be. Peter Lee dominates the field with his quickness. He is able to neutralize any player on the opposing team, chaser, beater or seeker. Lee has incredible field awareness and a great strategic mind, allowing him to keep bludger control. He can play offensively, clearing out defenders for the point guard, then quickly retreating to avoid losing his bludger. At Firemercs 2, he worked terrifically with Duston Mazzella to allow Red's offense to run smoothly. GM and keeper Tony Rodrgiuez wasn't pestered by defenders and so his passes were more precise and he had more space to drive in. The Red beating core performance allowed their quaffle players to conserve energy for an Overtime finals game. Lee was a game changer at Firemercs and deserved the MVP.
Photo by Michael E. Mason/IQA Staff

Peter Lee is heading into his senior year at Vassar. The Butterbeer Brooers will be competing in regionals this year with hopes of qualifying for World Cup VII. In the large Northeast Region, Vassar should be able to qualify for World Cup on the back of Peter Lee's beating. No beater in the Northeast compares to Lee right now and as long as he has a decent partner, Vassar can dominate bludger control. With the loss of keeper Nathan Hoston, Lee will need to step up even more to help the offense and defense function.  I'm not sure if Vassar will be able to grind out tough, physical elimination games, but I could see them winning a pool. I know that doesn't make sense, but whenever I've seen Vassar, they always perform better when there is less pressure--pool play.


  1. Isn't he playing for the Lost Boys next year, or was that a rumor? He and Chris Seto together would be terrifying.

  2. Aaron Wohl more than compares to Peter Lee.