Tuesday, August 20, 2013

QC Boston Adds Viega and Levis

QC Boston: The Massacre filled two major holes in their roster adding power keeper Victor Viega and beater Kara Levis. A source who wished to remained anonymous informed me that Viega will be leaving Emerson after one year to play for the upstart community team and UCLA graduate Levis will also join QCB. The size and presence at the hoops brought by Viega coupled with the tenacious, quick Levis brings the Massacre's defense to a new level.

Photo by Liz Fisher
Viega developed good passing skills at Emerson and especially works well in give and go situations. He's a great offensive blocker, clearing defending chasers to create space. Rolling off screens towards the hoops, Viega has the height to retrieve a high lob and dunk it. His ball handling skills are ok, but will improve while playing and practicing with the likes of Kedzie Teller and Zach D'Amico. In his first season with QCB, Viega's most important role will to be an enforcer. His physicality will be greatly needed.  Only a rising sophomore at Emerson, Viega has tons of potential. I predict Viega could become one of the best players in the sport if his game becomes more dynamic. With QCB, he has a good chance to become an all-around, elite chaser/keeper.
Photo by Monica Wheeler
Levis has experience playing in one of the best, most advanced beater corps in the IQA and her experience and knowledge should make her leader for QCB's beaters. She is an good defender, playing carefully and intelligently. Levis is spectacular on the fast break, though. With great field awareness, she races up the field with the chasers. On the fast break, she rarely makes long or even medium-range beat attempts, knowing that one errant throw could cost her team bludger control. You would think that she would only be able to knockout one player if she is only using short-range beats, but her quickness allows her to knockout 2 or 3 players, clearing a path to the hoops for her chasers. The beating of Kara Levis elevates the Massacre's fast break from extrordinary to completely unstoppable. Working with Bobby O'Neill, the Massacre no longer have a disadvantage at beater against likes of Emerson's Aaron Wohl, Hofstra's Alex Leitch and BU's Katrina Bossoti. O'Neill and Levis should be a very good tandem, keeping bludger control, but knowing when to get aggressive and move out of position.

The additions of Viega and Levis address issues that the Massacre could've had at beater and power keeper/chaser and indicate that QCB is continuing to recruit heavily. The switch of Viega is especially interesting. Any Northeasterner has to ask, are more Emerson players going to switch? Levis is the first female player on the Massacre's roster and they still do not have a true seeker. 

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