Thursday, August 22, 2013

Capitalists Announce Four New Players

The NYDC Capitalists have announced four new names for their 2013-14 roster: Howie Levine, John Gaffigan, Missy Hanley and Billy Greco. All four players will be practicing with the DC branch co-captained by Amanda Dallas and Robby May. Greco, a star seeker for Team USA and Villanova and the highest profile addition, formally resigned from Villanova to join the Capitalists. Levine, Gaffigan and Hanley will each bring their style of play, giving the Capitalists new offensive weapons.

At the Mid Atlantic Regional Championship this year, Billy Greco will probably find himself dueling with Maryland seeker Harry Greenhouse yet again. Since (and even before) the introduction of the Capitalists' captains, many have predicted that NYDC will be on a collision course with Maryland in the Mid Atlantic. The addition of a world class, clutch seeker to rotate with Michael Parada, puts the Capitalists ahead of the Terrapins. Charging the snitch using a lot of physicality, Greco's long arms  enable him to make many blind snatches. Although the veteran had a mediocre World Cup performance, better beaters will greatly improve Greco's stats and help him win games for the Capitalists.

John Gaffigan, a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy and a former star keeper for NYU, is a solid all around player. Gaffigan works terrifically at the point with NYU and now Capitalist teammate Amanda Dallas. On offense, Gaffigan and Dallas were the most productive quaffle player-beater duo in the Northeast last season. Deadly when he gets into space past the point defender, he is patient, waiting for the keeper to come out or defending wing chasers to crash. With agility and field awareness, Gaffigan waits for the last possible second to dish the quaffle or shoot. Gaffigan may not have blazing speed, but he knows how to give and take a hit on defense. Again, Gaffigan's positioning stands out--he can cover all the hoops pretty well despite not being as big as some of the IQA's best keepers.

Howie Levine has proved that he can play roles for teams or lead them. With players like Parada and Gaffigan leading the team offensively, Levine will likely be a support chaser the majority of the time. He impressed me as a wing chaser with great ball handling skills. Streaking up the sides, he can catch bad passes without trouble, and continue on his route to the hoops.

Missy Hanley mastered the offensive chaser system at Villanova better than perhaps anyone except Zach D'Amico. She will bring experience with complex chaser weaving, lots of give and goes and constant movement to the Capitalists. With her outstanding fundamentals and field vision, Hanley is a weapon anywhere on the pitch.

Greco, Gaffigan, Levine and Hanley are each frightening additions for the NYDC Capitalists' opponents. The four bring experience, leadership, and tons of on pitch talent that will only be enhanced by co-captains Dallas and May. What's especially scary is that the Capitalists have another branch in New York headlined by Yada and Alex Linde. Additions to the New York branch are to be announced in the near future.

NYDC Capitalists Roster
Amanda Dallas.........Beater, DC, co-captain
Robby May..............Beater, DC, co-captain
Billy Greco..............Seeker, DC
John Gaffigan..........Keeper, DC
Howie Levine..........Chaser, DC
Missy Hanley...........Chaser, DC
Michael Parada........Keeper/Seeker, NY, co-captain
Alex Linde...............Chaser, NY, co-captain

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