Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 Impressive Fantasy Performances: Kedzie Teller

Photo by Amanda Salvucci
4. After a year away from competitive quidditch, Kedzie Teller wowed everyone at THE Fantasy and Northeast Fantasy. Impressing with his speed, strength and explosiveness, he rocketed into top player in the league discussion. To reiterate, Teller didn't play in 2012-13, but all of the sudden, people in #IQAForums have agreed that Teller is one of the top 12 players in the IQA to build a team around. That's impressive. His leadership skills and his ability to make chasers around him better, solidifies his place on that elite list.

Photo by Lauren Carter
Teller's passing is superb and crisp, even at the high speeds that he normally plays at. Playing alongside Simon Arends and Craig Garrison at THE Fantasy, Teller displayed his ability to make instant chemistry and connect with Arends and Garrison for goals. With David Foxx at Northeast Fantasy, Teller proved to be good partner (despite the difference in playing styles) for the giant Emerson keeper. Teller is especially dangerous from the wings and behind the hoops. After receiving a pass, he explodes towards the hoops, spinning and juking past defenders.

Photo by Michael E. Mason/IQA Staff
Much like its founder, QC Boston: The Massacre is hyped coming into this season. The Massacre are Northeast Regional favorites in a region that's going to be MUCH harder than people think. While Ben Nadeau, Zach D'Amico and Jayke Archibald are quick and talented ball handlers, they are not as big as Teller's THE Fantasy Tournament teammates Arends and Garrison. QCB's staunchest competition comes from Teller's Northeast Fantasy teammate David Foxx followed closely by Teller's alma mater, BU. Depending on recruiting, Teller might be relied upon to defend much larger players at the point and success up front leads to a solid defense. Offensively, QCB's hype is deserved, but I think they could run into problems on defense, especially with only one beater determined (Bobby O'Neill) and only one big player (Dan Miller). After tryouts, the Massacre could easily become a runaway regional victor, but I'm not sure who else they are going to pick up. Whether QCB wins Northeast by a landslide depends on whether they fill their roster just to have 21 or whether they keep adding well-known, top-notch players.

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