Friday, August 2, 2013

Northeast Fantasy Prediction

A quick prediction on tomorrow's Northeast Fantasy Tournament. For an outstanding, thorough, preview, check out Jayke Archibald's 3-part series on the IQA site.

Pool 1
Pink (Mousa) 4-0
Blue (D'Amico) 3-1
Purple (Sturm) 2-2
Gray (Glynn) 1-3
Green (Sheehy) 0-4

I think the beater combination of Kara Levis and Samy Mousa can be really strong for Pink. Star chaser Dan Daugherty is surrounded by offensive weapons like Colby Soden, Dan Hanson and Meredith Taylor. Daugherty will be more comfortable alongside these other players and won't feel pressure to carry the team and force shots. Blue will advance on the backs of Sandon, D'Amico and Havlin and Purple won't have the quaffle play to make Billy Greco's snatches matter.

Pool 2
Red (Dockery) 4-0
White (Nadeau) 3-1
Orange (Tissera) 2-2
Purple (Nelson) 1-3
Gray (Close) 0-4

David Foxx and Kedzie Teller are scoring machines. No one in pool two is going to be able to stop a driving Foxx or keep up with Teller in a man-defense. White may get steamrolled by Foxx and Red due to lack of size, but will defeat their other pool two foes with outstanding depth and smarts at all positions. Orange has strong players in Jason Rosenberg and Chad Brown but neither is supported well enough to beat Red or White.

Pool 3
Black (Monroe) 4-0
Orange (Parada) 2-2
Baby Blue (Lafrance) 2-2
Neon Green (Archibald) 2-2
White (Beloff) 0-4

With THE Fantasy MVP Aryan Ghoddosay, Slipstream, Barricade and the Professor, Black is stacked at all positions. They have the best starting 7 in the tournament and will likely be conserving energy for bracket play. Orange, Baby Blue and Neon Green will tie at 2-2 with each team winning one game and losing one game in the round robin. Orange's chasers: James Hicks, Michael Parada, Patrick Rardin and Alex Linde will clash with Baby Blue's aggressive beaters: Alex Leitch and Kyrie Timbrook. Neon Green's experienced leaders Jayke Archibald and Katie Milligan will try to lead their team through these tough games. White gets screwed in this pool. In any other pool, the combination of chasers Sarah Holub and Sean Beloff would earn them a bracket play spot, but not in the pool of death. Any team playing White is definitely on upset alert though.

Standings after Bracket Play
1) Black (Monroe)
2) Pink (Mousa
3) Red (Dockery)
4) Orange (Parada)
5) Blue (D'Amico)
6) White (Nadeau)

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