Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm the Coach!

As my team goes into the huddle, preparing for a tough bracket play game on April 14th, 2013, I clear my throat, and assess the competition.

Vs. Texas
"Do not let Texas go into the transition game. Turnovers are inexcusable. Play smart and calm on the offensive end. Good passing is vital. Find the open man. Driving to the hoops won't work. Have beaters take out Texas' point defenders because they will disrupt your offense. Put as many bodies on their driving chasers as possible. Do not get carded."

"Be very physical with their chasers and be relentless with your legal physicality. Hitting UCLA might affect their stellar passing game. Play all of your most physical players at once. Letting UCLA gain bludger control and sustain it is not good. Don't be intimidated by Abramson. But if you get bludger control, be conservative. Get a quick snatch. If you need a defensive seeker, get size out there. Maben and Lin are small."

Vs. Baylor
"Force Baylor to play a half-court offense. Fast breaks are deadly. Play a conservative zone defense. Do not be overly aggressive with point defending. Baylor will wait until your defense breaks down to shoot or drive. Drive to the hoops on offense. Baylor's D behind the hoops is pretty good. Reset on plays if no one's open. Baylor won't point defend much."

Vs. Bowling Green State
"Don't underestimate the quality of BGSU's chasers not named Dan Daugherty. Instead of focusing on Daugherty, eliminate his passing options. Play tight defense on BGSU's other quaffle players. Daugherty will be forced to expend more energy and the whole team has to take longer shots. Beaters: BGSU will be very aggressive in trying to regain bludger control. Hold on to your bludgers. Don't underestimate "Sunshine.""

Note: this article is strictly considering how teams played at the World Cup VI and is not intended to harm any team in any way. This article is completely hypothetical and states the game plan I would give to "my team" if they were playing on of the Final Four participants.

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