Friday, April 12, 2013

Pool Play Predictions

On the Eve of the World Cup, as I sit here in my hotel in Orlando!!!, I thought I'd roll out my predictions just for kicks.

Pool One

Baylor 4-0
Kansas 3-1
VCU 2-2
California 1-3
Qwertyians 0-4

Baylor wins pool but Kansas chasing core puts up a good fight. Keir Rudolph is shown to be inexperienced and fails to catch the snitch. VCU grabs the last spot.

Pool Two

Penn State 4-0
Skrewts 3-1
Florida 2-2
RIT 1-3
Loyola 0-4

Parada outplays Oelze and Clements to win the pool. Some of the closest, fun games come from this pool. RIT gets unlucky, losing to Florida and the Skrewts while still in snitch range. 

Pool Three

Texas A&M 4-0
Michigan 2-2
NYU 2-2
Johns Hopkins 2-2
Fleming 0-4

Texas A&M wins pool and cards hurt Johns Hopkins, who miss bracket play. Michigan and NYU advance due to clean physicality and tenacity. A&M looks unbeatable with great play all-around.

Pool Four

USC 3-1
Emerson 3-1
Minnesota 3-1
USF 1-3
UTSA 0-4

USC, Emerson and Minnesota split games. USC takes the pool victory due to a blowout over UTSA. August Lurhs, David Fox, David Demarest and Jared Sipe shine. USF's troubles continue at WCVI despite home-field advantage.

Pool Five

UCLA 4-0
Paris Phénix 3-1
Bowling Green 2-2
Rochester 1-3
Oklahoma State 0-4

UCLA wins pool easily but Paris upsets BGSU on a snitch catch. Devin Sandon and Rochester just do not have the size to beat BGSU. Oklahoma State keeps games close but is weak at the seeker position.

Pool Six

Marquette 4-0
NAU 3-1
Ottawa 2-2
Boston Riot 1-3
Florida State 0-4

Marquette wins easily. Takes the second overall seed. NAU takes second place with a sntich catch over Ottawa and Ottawa squeaks out a win against the Boston Riot to become the only Canadian team advancing.

Pool Seven

Pittsburgh 4-0
Michigan State 3-1
Geneseo 2-2
Texas State 1-3
Toronto 0-4

Pittsburgh wins pool due to the fact that they don't have to play Maryland. Michgan State and Geneseo defeat pot one team, Texas State to advance into bracket play.

Pool Eight

Boston 4-0
Austin Quidditch 3-1
Villanova 2-2
CMU 1-3
Tec Quidditch 0-4

Austin Quidditch completes the upset of the day over Villanova, who barely makes bracket play. Boston wins pool. The Villanova-Boston matchup does not meet the hype.

Pool Nine

Hofstra 4-0
Ball State 3-1
Silver Phoenixes 2-2
Tennessee Tech 1-3
QC Carolinas 0-4

Hofstra wins pool with a win over Ball State. Seeker Tyler Macy is unable to influence the game because Hofstra takes the game out of snitch range. Tennessee Tech and QC Carolinas do not make bracket play showing the weakness of the Carolinas-Tennessee region.

Pool Ten

Texas 4-0
Richmond 2-2
Tufts 2-2
Ohio State 1-3
Southern Miss 1-3

Texas blows out everyone to take the number one overall seed on Sunday. The rest of the pool is very exciting though. Richmond beats Tufts but loses to Ohio State. Tufts loses to Richmond but beats Ohio State and Southern Miss loses to everyone, except Ohio State.

Pool Eleven

Maryland 4-0
Lost Boys 3-1
Macaulay 1-3
Arkansas 1-3
Illinois State 1-3

Maryland and the Lost Boys meet in a great game of day one. Harry Greenhouse bests Steve DiCarlo after 15 minutes of the snitch being on the pitch. The Lost Boys strategy keeps Greenhouse away from the snitch with beating. Macaulay breaks a three way tie on point differential.

Pool Twelve

LSU 4-0
Miami 3-1
Arizona State 2-2
Purdue 1-3
UMass 0-4

The records tell the story. LSU upsets Miami with great beater play from Sniper and Sarah Kneiling. Brad Armentor dominates despite being double-teamed. ASU proves to not be deep enough to beat LSU or Miami. Purdue and UMass get screwed by the pool of death.

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