Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Top 20

1. Texas
3. Texas A&M
4. Baylor
5. Miami

My top five is pretty straightforward. Texas and UCLA were by far the two best teams earning the two top seeds and advancing to the finals. Texas won. UCLA lost. 1. 2. I placed Texas A&M ahead of Baylor because A&M only suffered one loss to the eventual champions and they have been the consensus number one all season with good reason. Baylor comes in fourth due to their Final Four run, but they didnt get the 3 because they lost to Kansas in pool play. I have Miami in fifth because Miami looked really good on Day One. They won the group of death with an 100 point victory over LSU and a 60 point victory over ASU. Miami had their chances to beat BGSU, but in the end, it was not meant to be.

6. Bowling Green State
7. Lost Boys
8. Kansas
9. Boston
10. Maryland

Bowling Green State and the Lost Boys both had amazing weekend capped with perhaps the best game in World Cup history. The two teams beat quidditch powerhouse after powerhouse. Maryland, Miami, USC and Maryland again were beaten by either the Lost Boys or BGSU. BGSU is placed above the Lost Boys because they won head to head. I have Kansas at 8 and Boston at 9 because each team had a different result against a common opponent, Baylor. Kansas hung with Baylor and won on a snatch while Boston was eliminated. At 10, I have Maryland. Maryland had to overcome the injury of James Hicks against Arkansas. Maryland advanced to the Sweet Sixteen but were bounced by a quick "Sunshine" snitch catch.

11. USC
12. Emerson
13. Michigan State
14. LSU
15. Marquette

USC beat Emerson and won their pool, so USC is 11 and Emerson is 12. Both teams advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan State won a challenging pool with Texas State and Pittsburgh and also advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. LSU played like they'd played for the past year or so, so they're ranking stays about the same. Although they had a very poor performance at the World Cup, Marquette is still a regional champion and Collegiate Cup runner up.

16. Hofstra
17. Ohio State
18. Ball State
19. Michigan
20. Villanova

Hofstra is hard to assess because the won their pool but lost in the Round of 32. I rank them 16. Ohio State earned my 17. OSU beat Penn State and Tufts and scored 60 on Texas A&M. Ohio State has moved onto the radar. Next is Ball State and Michigan, two quality second place pool play teams that didn't get past the Round of 32. Villanova, another regional champion, disappointed at World Cup VI, but manage to earn my number 20 rank.

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  1. I like most of your stuff, but this looks like a whole lot of reputation and not a lot of substance.