Tuesday, April 16, 2013

World Cup All-Tournament Team

Zach Luce-UCLA

Zach Luce's stats for the finals are telling. Luce scored 70 points (the highest total in the 2013 Final Four) against Baylor and 30 against Texas. UCLA is a very deep and all around talented team, but their offense flows through Luce. Driving to the hoops seems easy for Luce and he will go through your defense.

Honorable Mention:
Augustine Monroe-two key goals pulled Texas out of snitch range in the finals. Slipstream was a presence all weekend
August Lurhs-Although USC didn't advance past the Sweet Sixteen, Lurhs was dominant in his games, and every team's strategy was targeted at Lurhs.

Male Chaser
Daniel Daugherty-Bowling Green State

Dan the Man. Who else? In addition to a great on-field player, Daugherty is an amazing leader. Daugherty led his team through sitting around while Miami protested their loss, one of the longest most intense games in IQA history and a Final Four matchup with Texas. He single handedly took over his team when towards the end of the Lost Boys game, everyone else was doubled over with fatigue. His long distance shot is the best I've seen and he is great at finding open chasers for goals.

Honorable Mention:
Reed Marchman-Baylor played much better when the gold shorts were in the game. "Ridiculous" played fantastically.
Sean Beloff-Miami looked really on Day One with whooping of LSU and ASU. Beloff's forcing of turnovers and point defending was a big reason

Male Chaser
Kody Marshall-Texas

It would be insane not to include Kody Marshall. Marshall is a leader on the World Cup championship team. Marshall is one of the strongest players on the pitch and his tackling is superb. Marshall can drive through any defense and score past any keeper.

Honorable Mention:
Kifer Gregorie-Gregorie seemed to be the only player able to score at times for Texas A&M. Against Michigan and NYU, Gregorie led his team to victory
Jake Tieman-one of UCLA's players I was not familiar with going into World Cup VI showed how valuable he was when he was red carded. The game went downhill from there for UCLA.

Female Chaser
Sarah Holub-Texas

I'd have to ask Sarah Holub what her favorite moment was in World Cup Six: scoring in the World Cup Final or tackling Casey Ortiz? Behind the hoops, Holub receives pass after pass and works to get it through the hoops. A lot of the time, she jukes and drives for her goals past bigger male keepers. Also, Holub is one of the only women I've ever seen point defending and she does it effectively.

Honorable Mention:
Vanessa Goh-Although she didn't score in the finals, Goh scored plenty of times and racked up a few assists too against Emerson and Kansas.
Melissa White-White and Brad Armentor played fantastically together. White is a great scorer and her stats in pool play are impressive.

Male Beater
Asher King Abramson-UCLA

Asher King Abramson is everywhere on the pitch.. Although his team struggled to get bludger control in the final, Abramson did an amazing job on defense as well as offense throughout the tournament. On offense, Abramson took out opposing teams point defenders. Beating opposing teams point defenders allowed for players like Zach Luce and Alex Browne to drive to the hoops and distribute. All in all, there is reason UCLA had the best point differential going into bracket play.

Honorable Mention
Kody LaBauve-LSU's beater, nickname Sniper, kept the Miami game within a hundred points and caused problems for every seeker he played.

Female Beater
Brittany Ripperger-Baylor

I hadn't heard of her before the World Cup, I'll admit, but seeing her in Baylor's semifinal against UCLA, I made a mental note that Ripperger was the best female beater I had seen. The way she fought for and obtained bludger control against one of the best beating cores in the country impressed me. Ripperger's beating helped keep Baylor in the game.

Honorable Mention
Katrina Bossoti-Bossoti shut down Billy Greco against Villanova and helped Boston keep bludger control practically all of Day One it seemed.

Sam Roitblat-Bowling Green State

Roitblat pulled all three snatches against Miami, Maryland and the Lost Boys to ensure that Bowling Green State would advance to the final four. Roitblat out seeked David Moyer, Harry Greenhouse and Steve DiCarlo. All three were on the Alan Black of the Eighth Man's seekers to watch list. "Sunshine" should have been on that list. There isn't much to describe about Roitblat'a strategy besides that he gets the job done. It's safe to say that Bowling Green State would not have made the final four without Roitblat.

Honorable Mention:
 Steve DiCarlo caught the snitch for the Lost Boys against Arkansas, Maryland and Illinois State in Pool Play and NYU and USC in Bracket Play to get the Lost Boys to the Elite Eight.
Keir Rudolph had several key snatches for Kansas. Rudolph had an especially spectacular snatch against Baylor to win Pool 1.


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