Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spectator's Guide to WCVI

9:00-Field Three-Texas A&M vs. NYU
Arriving just in time for the start of QWCVI, jump over to Field Three to see the consensus #1 ranked team. This will be A&M first game at a major tournament since suffering a loss to Baylor at the Southern Regionals. Texas A&M's lineup and skill should get you really pumped for a great weekend of quidditch. It will also be interesting to see if NYU holds down the point differential because they will likely be competing for Pool 3's final spot.

Also see Emerson vs. Minnesota on Field Five or UCLA vs. Oklahoma State on Field Six

9:40-Field One-Penn State vs. RIT
This game might not be the biggest thriller, but be there to see Michael Parada. As I said before, if Parada is on the top of his game, Penn State could go from being a Round of 32 team to an Elite Eight team. Against RIT, Parada will be tested physically. RIT will also likely be competing for the third spot in a weaker Pool 2.

Also see Boston vs. Austin Quidditch on Field Six or Miami vs. Purdue on the Championship Field

10:20-Championship Field-Michigan State vs. Pittsburgh
Although the rosters have certainly changed, Michigan State and Pittsburgh are two older teams with a lot of World Cup experience. At WCIV, MSU and Pitt came closest to defeating Middlebury at a time when the sport was still new. Michigan State is probably the favorite here due to keeper Lawrence Lazewski and seeker Jacob Heppe.

Also see Michigan vs. Johns Hopkins on Field One if you like physical quidditch

11:00-Championship Field-Arizona State vs. Louisiana State
Even though neither team in this game came out of Pot One, both of these teams are really good. LSU has a great core of players including chaser Brad Armentor, and beaters Sarah Kneiling and Kody LaBauve. People forget that LSU played dominantly at the last World Cup but was ousted on a Minnesota snitch catch. LSU hasn't forgotten, but ASU's monstrous keeper Willie Jackson will try and stop the Tigers.
Also see Tufts vs. Ohio State on Field Two. A good measure of Northeast vs. Midwest

What can I say? This time slot isn't exactly packed with exciting games. Grab an early lunch.

12:20-Championship Field-Emerson vs. USF
Both the Northeast and the South have been trashed as regions that aren't as good as others by some. Emerson, a school that lives and breathes quidditch's even more than Middlebury possibly, will be going up against USF, a team that burst on to the scene on Randall's Island. Both teams will show with high levels of skill, physicality and strategy that their regions aren't as bad as some think. Watch David Fox and Benny Nadeau of Emerson.

Also see Baylor vs. Cal-Berkeley on Field Four or Texas A&M vs. Johns Hopkins to see the might of the Southwest

1:00-Field One-Marquette vs. NAU
Although LSU-Miami is in this time slot, I wanted to look at this matchup between Marquette and NAU. NAU barely qualified out of the West but still is Marquette's toughest competition in an easy day of pool play. Marquette captain Curtis Taylor, joked that many of his starters would be resting on Day One. My guess is that fans will get to see Marquette's full strength only once on Saturday: in this game.
 Also see LSU vs. Miami on the Championship Field and Texas vs. Ohio State on Field Seven

1:40-Championship Field-Bowling Green State vs. Paris Phénix
If Paris Phénix is anything like the French team which placed second at the Olympic Exhibition in England this summer, Paris Phénix might beat some good American
?teams. Paris will be put to the test against Daniel Daugherty and BGSU.

Also see Stanford vs. South Carolina on Field Seven for a good Division Two game

3:00-Field Five-Tufts vs. Southern Miss
Tufts is a team full of freshman, so in four years, you can say, I saw Nick Ryder and WCVI. Seriously though, Ryder is developing into one of the best seekers in the IQA. Tufts caught the snitch in six out of seven games at NERC. Southern Miss will be an interesting team to watch because they play a very unique style. USM will slow the pace  the pace of thue game down tremendously and advance the ball in a sort of bubble. At the World Cup, a spectator has the chance to see so many different styles of play. Don't miss USM.

Also see Ball State vs. Silver Phoenixes on Field Three or Arizona State vs. UMASS on Field Seven

3:40-Field Two-Johns Hopkins vs. NYU
Again, see a whole different style of quidditch. Hard-hitting, physical quidditch courtesy of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. (Quid-Atlantic and Northeast physical quidditch is completely different fromSouthwest physical quidditch)

Also see Florida vs. RIT on Field One for a dose of Dr. Dre, Florida's exceptional chaser

4:20-Championship Field-Baylor vs. Kansas
When Baylor beat Kansas 160*-30 at the Collegiate Cup, many people counted Kansas Quidditch out. Now with new seeker, Kier Rudolph, Kansas has a shot again. A win against Baylor would likely mean a much higher seed and pool victory for the Jayhawks. At full strength, Kansas' chasing core can also match up well with Baylor. Watch Paul and Mark Williard on the Bears.
Also see, Texas A&M vs. Michigan on Field One or SV Skrewts vs. Penn State on Field Eight

Seriously IQA? We can't be in ten places at once? Haha. Emerson vs. USC on Field Two, UCLA vs. Bowling Green State on Field Three, Texas State vs. Michigan on Field Six, Hofstra vs. Ball State on Field Eight, and Villanova vs. Boston on the Championship Field. All of these games will decide the pool champion. Go root for your favorite team at this time. Chances are, they'll need it.

5:40-Championship Field-Maryland vs. Lost Boys
If Parada vs. Sandon was the matchup of great chasers, Maryland's James Hicks and the Lost Boys' Tony Rodriguez are facing off as two of the best chasers in the IQA. Maryland has blossomed into a Mid-Atlantic powerhouse this season and the Lost Boys were changed with the transfer of Rodriguez from the Hollywood Harpies. The Lost Boys proved they were one of the best of the West, but can they beat Maryland? Also a battle of regional runner-ups!

Also see Texas vs. Tufts on Field Two or Miami vs. Arizona State on Field Three

6:20-Championship Field-Tennessee Tech vs. Silver Phoenixes
Tennessee Tech surprised everyone by placing second at the Southern Regional, but the Silver Phoenixes have not had a fair chance at a major tournament achievement. A&M or Texas has always been in the way. The Silver Phoenixes will look to qualify for bracket play against TTU and hopefully not get stuck in an infamous "teams from Texas" side of the bracket.

Also see NAU vs. Boston Riot on Field Two.

7:40-Field Four-Penn State vs. Florida
Michael Parada vs. Dre Clements. Two teams fighting for better seeds in bracket play. Awesome game
Also see Ottawa vs. Florida State to watch everyone's favorite Canadian team :)

8:20-Field Three-Villanova vs. Austin Quidditch
Similar to the Silver Phoenixes, Austin has always been in UT's shadow. A win over dominant point defender, Zach D'Amico and feared seeker, Billy Greco of Villanova would be an amazing way for AQ to prove themselves. Villanova will be coming off a win or lose against BU, so it will be interesting to see if they can be caught off guard.

Also see Ball State vs. QC Carolinas on Field Four to see the other Team USA seeker, Tyler Macy of Ball State

9:00-Field Two-Texas State vs. Toronto
At this point, Texas State could be 0-3 or 1-2. They will have already played Pitt, Michigan State and Geneseo, three very experienced World Cup teams. Texas State won't get to play their pool's pot five team until now and this game will matter. Toronto isn't exactly a great team, but Texas State may be so demoralized at this point, Toronto might be able to squeak out a win.

Also see Skrewts vs. Loyola on Field Six. The Skrewts could be in a similar position as TxState, but I doubt it. OR UCLA vs. Paris Phénix on the Championship Field

9:40-Field Four-Texas vs. Southern Miss
Since we started the day with the 1st ranked Aggies, let's end it with the second ranked Longhorns. Texas is one of the fastest teams I've ever seen. Fastbreaks with Slipstream and Kody Marshall are unstoppable unless the opposition is truly special. Southern Miss will try to slow the game down. Also, UT might go for the blowout, which could lead to  the number one seed.

Also see, bedtime.

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