Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quidditch Senior Class Yearbook 2013

As Graduation time rolls around for many colleges across the nation, it can be a bittersweet time for quidditch teams and players. Many players have played their last collegiate quidditch game and have enjoyed a fantastic career. Teams are losing key players and when they take the pitch next year, they will look completely different than now.
On the other hand, community teams are growing stronger than ever, especially in recruiting. Are these graduating players just transferring to another club?

So... I want to start a project. I want to showcase great graduating players on my blog to
1) honor the players and their careers
2) create a database of sorts that documents who will or will not be playing quidditch for a certain team next year

And it's simple and involves reader-participation! Teams or teammates of the graduating player can send in the following...
picture of the player (preferably in action)
*name of the graduating player
significance to your team
quidditch memory
*joining a community team?

All starred categories are required. Just email me at and the player you submit will be featured on A Death Plot Against Baseball.

This will not work if there isn't reader-participation!!!

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