Saturday, November 26, 2011

Australian Quidditch Cup (QUAFL Cup)

Now we will go on an adventure from Randall's Island (the Northern Hemisphere Championship) all the way down to the Outback. The QUAFL Cup, the Southern Hemisphere's Championship, took place Saturday evening. (wait, I am writing this Saturday morning!) Hosts University of New South Wales best Western Sydney in the final.
Group play was fun but also rough as normal.
1. New South Wales 3-1
2. Western Sydney 3-1
3. Australian Nat'l 2-2
4. Newcastle 2-2
5. Wollongong 0-4
ANU was listed ahead of Newcastle because of point differential, but in the World Cup Mewcastle would have been #3 because they beat ANU 110 to 90.
So, in the semifinal ANU played Western Sydney. Western Sydney's defense, which had only allowed 40 points per game since the opening game (which they lost to UNWS 110-80*) stopped ANU's high powered offense which had averaged 112.5 points a game. Western Sydney won 70*-30 proving once again that a great defense beats a great offense.
In the "Wooden Spoon Playoff" (Australian for "no one cares") Newcastle crushed Wollongong 100*-0 raising arguments about whether Newcastle should have replaced ANU in the championship semifinal.

In the "Grand Final" (Australian for "people care") New South Wales came out victorious beating Western Sydney by a score of 90-60. There was very good snitchery and Western Sydney eventually had to commit a suicide snatch. Then all the teams pulled out the Fusters (Australian for Beer) and Congratulated UNSW's Snapes on a Plane for winning the first ever QUAFL Cup. Hopefully next year the World Cup can be joined by these talented kangaroos (American for Australians).

Sorry to any Australians reading this. Since it is Quidditch I have to add some humor in the article and I didn't fly 10,000 miles from Philadelphia to Sydney and experience any of the funny events with snitches or anything else. Also like Canadians, Aussies are an easy target, mate.

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