Monday, November 7, 2011

World Cup Predictions, Pool Play

Since I am a lazy American, I have decided not to continue my pool by pool evaluations. So, I will wrap up the entire first day (and a little bit of Sunday) right now.
Teams that will shine
USF: They will beat 8 ranked McGill because of their physicality unknown to Canadians (except for on the hockey rink)
Middlebury: You might say, "well duuuhh" but many experts believe that Moddlebury will not win this year because of their lack of experienced players. In an easy pool, MiddQuid will be blowing out everybody
Vaasa: despite being in Middlebury's pool, the quidditchers from Finland will beat mediocre, but higher ranked teams like Yale and Michigan.
Pittsburgh and Tufts: Everyone will be watching these two supreme teams battle it out und the lights at 8 on Saturday. This is the best pool play game and a rematch of last year's semifinal.
Miami: Another FQC team that is coming off a 5-0 week in Florida Quidditch Conference play will have a ton of confidence. Look for them to possibly knock off Texas A&M
Marquette: A brand new team that, after the Midwest Cup in October, is the highest scoring team in Quidditch. They will obliterate 3 Arizona State, who is #3, but has been blown out twice by Northern Arizona University.

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