Friday, November 4, 2011

Pool 2

In my opinion, pool 2 is the easiest. Here are the teams.
7 Rochester
25 Toms River Hydras
38 Southern California
52 Virginia Commonwealth
89 Sam Houston State

Rochester has dominated 4 games against upstate New York teams, but they may find some trouble playing more physical teams from around the United States. However, they will move on, maybe losing once.
Toms River Hydras and Southern Cal will move on to the second round. Southern Cal finished third in the Western Cup and Toms River will look to avenge their Northeast Regional quarterfinal loss to Rochester.

VCU and Sam Houston State are long shots to overthrow the top three, not because the top three is fantastic but because VCU did not do well at the Turtle Cup and SHSU has only played 1 game which they lost).

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