Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 1: Quidditch World Cup

Sadly, I am not a whole organization (like the IQA), but I can still bring scores and news from all the games that I attended.
Randalls Island Pros: It is gorgeous and there is enough space for all the snitches and spectators. Icahn Stadium is world class. It is amazing to see what the future of quidditch might look like while you sit in this stadium. Cons: It is windier and therefore colder. Last year, the WC had the feel that it was in the heart of NY. You could walk to many food places and the park was surrounded by skyscrapers. Also, there were only two food vendors on Saturday that had lines that backed up ~2 hours.

The opening cermonies were fantastic! Alex Benepe told a story in which some jerks made fun of him for playing quidditch. The moral of the story was basically that quidditch is awesome and dont let anybody harass you about it.

Middlebury looked shaky against Yale, they were only leading by 20 points when they caught the snitch. Clearly, this is NOT the same Middlebury as we are used to seeing.
USF110 McGill 90. The Canadians were not playing Mr. Nice Guy in this game. Several USF players were hurt in regulation, which ended after a USF snatch that sent the game into OT (70-70) In OT, it appeared that USF had caught the snitch, but that was disallowed. Seconds after play resumed, the angry USF seeker charged the snitch like a bull and legally caught the snitch. The other USF players along with many other FQC players and directors stormed the field happily.
Texas A&M 140 Ithaca 0 Showing off their talent and lack of mercy, A&M destroyed Ithaca.
PennState 90 OhioState 40 When the snitch entered the field between these football rivals, the score was low. By the time the snitch had been caught (by PennState), the score had been run up. The announcers commonly reminded the audience to watch out for ghosts that were preventing the Seekers from playing well.
Tufts 30 Silicon Valley 50 After Tufts scored a fantastic goal to go ahead 30-20, the Silicon Valley Seeker sprinted onto the field with the snitchsock in hand. The stunned Tufflepuffs sulked away, worrying about whether there is any chance they will be able to match their 2nd place finish last year.
Florida 160 Ottawa 30 The game was much closer than the score indicated. Competitive Bludger play featured many wars between beaters over the dodgeballs. The highlight of the game was the snitch, who was almost "unsnatchable" He carried a large pink blanket and he used it like a matador. Attracting the seekers and then wrapping them like mummies, the game went on until the referee (who was heavily critisized by audience members) told the Snitch to get rid of the blanket. Florida got the snitch to finally end the game. Dre Clements, a Florida chaser shined with his speed and offensive ability.
BostonUniversity110 ChestnutHill 0 CHC seemed completely un-organized and rarely advanced the ball past midfield. This was very suprising; CHC is one of the oldest quidditch teams. Chestnut Hill would try to make long passes to a chaser behind the goal, but the Boston goalkeeper would leap into the air, block the ball, and lead a fast break up the field. BU added the Snitch snatch to shutout my 10th ranked team, Chestnut Hill.
Pittsburgh 80 BowlingGreen 30 Pitt dominates but BG gets the snitch
ArizonaState 120 Geneseo 70 Beccause of their locations and climates, ASU was dubbed the "lizards" and Geneseo the "ice bears" About halfway through the match, a mysterious man asked the audience "Have you seen the Snitch?" Seconds later, he tore off his black coat and pants reveiling a golden snitch. The snitch waited at the field for minutes, successfully starting the wave while he waited for the seekers to show up. After a long time with no successful snatch, Geneseo finally gave up and snuck up from behind for the snatch.

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