Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quidditch World Cup Pools #1

On late Halloween night, the World Cup Pools were released. In the first part of this 12 part series, I will examine every Division One Pool.

4 Emerson
22 Richmond
29 Penn State
45 Ohio State
113 Victoria

I expect Emerson, Penn State, and Ohio State to advance to single elimination from this pool. Emerson is a team with tons of experience looking to have a great world cup after a disappointing quarterfinal loss to Tufts last year. They will cruise through a relatively easy pool.
Richmond is a team with lots of experience but that experience doesn't translate into wins. Despite being the highest ranked team at the Turtle Cup, they did not make it to the finals.
Penn State is flying high off a 2nd place finish at the Philadelphia Brotherly Love Cup and they will carry that momentum into the QWC.
Ohio State when 3-1 at the Midwest Cup, losing only to Illinois State, but blowing out Missouri, Miami Ohio, and Purdue. They are a high scoring team that will overwhelm Richmond and take their spot in single elimination.
Victoria, a college in Canada does not know what they are getting themselves into. They have never played a game and will have to play Emerson and two very physical teams in Penn and Ohio State.

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