Saturday, November 5, 2011

BCS Quidditch Rankings (that's right!)

Although I hate the BCS (college footballs ranking system), I thought it would be interesting to apply it's formula to Quidditch. As you might know, the final ranking is comprised of the Coaches Poll, the Harris Poll and various computer rankings. I can't survey all the coaches of all the Quidditch teams (Coaches Poll), or get a "panel of 120 people with great knowledge of the game" (Harris Poll), but I do have a computer!

The College football computer rankings are composed of 6 other polls that focus on statistics like Strength of Schedule, Opponents Strength of Schedule, etc.
For Quidditch the computer rankings were based on five categories: Winning Percentage, Performance in Tournaments other than the World Cup, Placing in the 2010 World Cup, Average Points per Game, and Average Opponents Points per Game.
The teams were then ranked in these five categories, the #1 team in each category receiving 25 points, #2 receiving 24, and so on.
Each team then had five numbers. I dropped the lowest number to prevent really good teams from being penalized. (for example, a team that didn't have enough money to travel to the World Cup last year or a team that is a great defensive team, but doesn't score many points)
Last, I added the four remaining numbers left, and divided the sum by 100.

Kansas is a good example. They had a 24 in Points For and Tournies, a 23 in Win%, an 8 in Points Allowed, and a 0 in World Cup 2010 (this score was dropped). (24+24+23+8)/100=.790

Here are the first ever BCS Quidditch Rankings.
1. Middlebury .970
2. Emerson .880
3. Pittsburgh QC .790
4. Kansas .780
5. Louisiana State .780
6. McGill .760
7. Boston .730
8. Rochester .730
9. Texas A&M .730
10. Chestnut Hill .670
11. Ives Pond QC .660
12. Michigan State .580
13. Villanova .510
14. UCLA .480
15. Miami .440
16. Tufts .390
17. Arizona State .380
18. Ball State .370
19. Marquette .350
20. South Florida .310
21. Penn State .280
22. Illinois State .280
23. Florida .280
24. Toms River Hydras .240
25. Vassar .230

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