Sunday, November 27, 2011

National Teams a cool possibility at World Cup 6

There have been several important events that have shaped Quidditch involving international teams. When McGill first participated in the Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup, the IQAs leaders, now having an international team, and a good one, decided to change the name to International Quidditch Associataion. Excitement sparked in the Quidditch World when Vaasa came for the first trans-Atlantic Matchups last spring. Several top notch teams played the Finns and the Finns had such a good time that they joined us again this fall for QWC5. Yesterday, the QUAFL Cup was held in Australia. 5 teams that are members of the AQA battled it out with great creativity, competition, and community. Although, the AQA is separate from the IQA. This shows how the sport and it's ideas are being spread across the globe without the IQA.
So it would be fantastic if next year, the World Cup could feature a World Championship.(this could be added in the finals which did not sell out this year)

United States of America (this team could be american all stars or American Quidditch alumni)
United Quidditch Nations Against Those Damn Americans Who Mock Us (how else can you put Australia, Finland, and Canad in a category? Nations with fantastic Health Care? This is a fitting title because the announcers always see the international teams as easy targets and I could definitely see Finland getting angry one time at QWC5)

Maybe one day, we will have that historic rematch between Ireland and Bulgaria.

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