Sunday, November 6, 2011

Florida Quidditch Conference Week 4

In the final FQC week of play, the four teams were joined by Rollins College and Lakeland Quidditch Club. FQC officials invited these teams in hope that they will join the FQC next year. Miami dominated game play though, going 5-0 for the day. USF went 3-1, Florida 2-3, and Ringling 1-2.
This brings the final 2011 FQC Standings (not counting games against Rollins or Lakeland in the last week) to this:
USF 8-1
Miami 8-2
Florida 3-6
Ringling 0-9

Highlights during the day included a dip into the water for Snitch Jacob Miller (Ringling). Rollins' and Lakeland's Seekers were in hot pursuit as they jumped into the warm Florida water too.
Otherwise, USFs dominance was challenged and they were almost unthroned by Miami.

Congratulations to all the people who made the FQC possible and I look forward to watching you next weekend.

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