Friday, November 4, 2011

Pool 3

Here is Pool 3,
8 McGill
20 South Florida
34 St Lawrence
50 Americas Finest
69 The Silver Phoenixes

McGill will face much tougher competition in this group that in the Canadian Cup, butI do expect them to move on.
South Florida is coming off a great season in the FQC and I believe they will beat McGill and take first place in the group because of their experience with physical teams in Miami and Florida.
St Lawrence is overrated and as the poster of the pools commented on his own story, "Poor St Lawrence"
Americas Finest is extremely physical and will be mad after being made fun of in Brooms Up! (the world cup 2010 documentary) In the movie they were teased for being "super tough" and then losing by a ton to the "nerds" from Tufts. They will be looking for revenge and I think, despite their lack of games in the last year, they will move on. (hopefully only to be whooped by the "nerds" from Middlebury.)
The Silver Phoenixes are essentially Texas A&Ms B team. That means they are probably pretty good. I expect them to beat a few of these teams , but not advance to the next round.

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